How Work-At-Home Moms Can Overcome Boredom (When It Strikes)

While taking a rest at your porch, you can hear the laughter of your little ones as they ran around the house. Inside, you can hear the television playing some familiar tone, but you can never seem to decipher the lyrics. It's a music video again that your teenager loves so much.

You smiled and continued swinging on the soft white hammock, suspended from the ceiling of your porch of cedar trusses. It's a lovely day indeed. The laughter of your kids is music to your ears. The noise from the television comforts you knowing that your teen is at home and is not out with her friends.

This is the beautiful life of a mom. Yes, it should be like this. You wish it would be like this tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after tomorrow. You wish you wouldn't need to leave your children to work six days a week. But you know it's not going to happen.

When Boredom Strikes

Although I'm always with my kids, I know it is really hard to be away from the children especially if they are still very young. I'm a work-at-home mom and I receive comments from friends and colleagues that I am lucky that I could spend time with my kids while working at home.

I know that pretty well. In fact, I silently pray that every mom will have this opportunity to work inside the four corners of their home while the kids run around. No matter how noisy it is or how messy it is, seeing the children every single hour and every single day is a very big blessing.

However, there are also times that work-at-home moms also feel bored. Yes, it's in the norms of every individual to eventually get tired of doing the same thing over and over again.

It's a kids-work-chores-kids-work-chores routine for me. And there are times that something inside my mind seems to shout at me, telling me that I should go out and take a break. You know I could do that because I handle my time. But I can't seem to take advantage of my flexible schedule because vacant hours are spent with the children or for a little nap. Remember, sleeping is a luxury for moms!

In truth, work at home moms like us could also have some recreation while at home. Well, we have to be thankful for the internet because so many things are now possible. In fact, it seems that every transaction can already be performed online. And that does not exempt recreation.

Of course, you can read books, watch your favorite series on Netflix, play with some downloadable games on your phone or iPad, and many others. But have you heard of top promotions and offers from gaming sites that give you two times the fun? Well, you'd better check it out.

Once you discover that there are actually so many fun things to do at home while spending quality time with the entire family, you would never get bored with being a WAHM. And yes, you will still have time to relax on your hammock with your children's laughter as music to your ears. Apart from those mentioned, there are still other things that you can do to kill boredom while working at home with kids.

Fun Activities for Work-At-Home Moms

When you decide to take a break, which you would probably do when you're bored, try any of the activities that I will mention below. For sure, you will end up energized after doing them. These activities will also allow you to have a little me-time.

1. Adult Coloring.

Apparently, its a thing. And yes, coloring is also perfect for adults because it can relieve stress. You can look into our previous round-up of adult coloring books where I selected some beautiful ones from Amazon.

2. Online games.

I don't know about you but me, I still play games no matter how busy my schedule is. This is a good way to recharge my energy. You can try joining Steam and choose some games that you like. Don't hesitate to play Sims 4 because nothing is wrong with building your own home, establishing your career, WoHooing with your partner which will eventually make you pregnant and in the end, still makes you a mom in the game. Apparently, you can never get away from it!

3. Read books.

Personally, I prefer to read books by my favorite authors. Although I want to try reading the fiction books of modern-day writers, I'm still hooked with Daniel Steele, Sidney Sheldon, Nicholas Sparks, Paolo Coehlo and Judith McNaught. After knowing the names of my favorite authors, I know you now understand why I can't stop reading them.

4. Watch a movie or your favorite series.

Have you heard that The Big Bang Theory is already in its last season? That's sad, right? Every now and then, you can cook some popcorn and your favorite cola while having a movie marathon. It won't hurt you if you do that.

How Work-At-Home Moms Can Overcome Boredom

5. Dance, Yoga, Zomba... or anything that will let you move your body! There are many available online videos where you can just imitate their dance steps. You do not need to be a perfect dancer because you won't be having a recital. What's important is that you can move your body and just have fun!

Parenting is draining and tiring at times. That is why moms deserve some break too. And notice, that the activities I mentioned above don't involve going out of the house unless you are going to buy your adult coloring buy or a new book.

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  1. To be creative and recreative and spend time with children :)