Safest Cars on the Market in 2018 for the Family

An ideal world would mean that there's a way of getting around from place to place every day with the reassurance that you are completely safe on even the quietest of roads. 

But we're not entirely there just yet. 

While there's still quite a way to go before we can declare ourselves 'safe' on the go, there are a few examples of cars we consider the safest out of every fleet known to the motor industry.

And of course, one important consideration that we need to make when it comes to choosing a car is its safety for the entire family. Take a look at our list:

Safest Cars 2018

Subaru Impreza

1. Subaru Impreza

Much like many other models in the Subaru fleet, the Impreza is top of the pick for safety on the road. It'd be wrong of us to just assume that the safety rating is based on the features it offers for children, because in fact, the Impreza also offers the appropriate restraints for adults too; of course, that's not to say that if you drive a Subaru Impreza, you'll never be involved in a road accident.

In terms of all portions then, the Impreza gets a good rating for vehicle crash-worthiness and a good rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) for front crash prevention so you can be sure that under all circumstances, everyone sat inside the car is well protected should the worst happen.

2. Toyota Camry

Though it doesn’t look as if it’s been tailored to meet the appropriate safety requirements on the road, the Toyota Camry is well and truly up there amongst the safest cars on the market here in the UK. In honesty, it's yet another top pick from the IIHS, scoring a G or a G plus for crash-worthiness.

Not to mention that it's equipped with Toyota's Star Safety system that includes electronic brake-force distribution, anti-lock brakes, brake assist, stability control and Smart Stop Technology too. All that helps the sedan stop in time to prevent accidents on the road and to avoid them altogether.

BMW 5 Series

3. BMW 5 Series

Granted, you might have been expecting BMW to show up on this list, after all, those who pay more for a car are bound to get more for their money than those who pay barely anything in terms of cost. However, the 5 Series isn’t quite as safe as Subaru's Impreza, at least not on the scale rating anyway.

The only major difference between the 5 Series and the previous two cars is that it scored only an A for 'acceptable' when it comes to child anchor ease of use, but that's not surprising since it’s a luxury vehicle designed for wealthy adults and business folk alike – not children. It's still way up there with the top safest cars on the market nonetheless.

4. Toyota Highlander

Lastly, then, we all knew Toyota's Highlander would end up on here at some point; and we knew it'd land the last place or around there. The Highlander scored a G rating for the IIHS on all major parts, all except the headlights which scored 'acceptable' only.

But we're mostly bothered about what's there to keep you safe on the inside, so that's not important at this moment in time. Like with the Camry, the Highlander SUV is equipped with the Star Safety system that features at least 6 active parts to help ensure you are kept in control of the vehicle, always.

Aside from those mentioned, what other safe cars could you recommend for the family? Is your car on the list? Can you tell us what are your favorite features of your car? Let me hear from you from the comment section below.

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