Top 10 Baby Care Products from KidsCompany

As parents, we always want the best for our kids. That is why we only buy them the best items that can help their growth and progress.

I can recall that when I had my first child, I made sure to give her everything that I think can help her development. From toys that light up to toys that can make sounds. Of course, toys are only second on the list since the priority is a pretty crib, a comfy walker and others.

I started online shopping when I had a child because I couldn't spend a lot of time to choose items in malls. Hence, I prefer to buy stuff on Facebook online shops and websites. Sometimes, it is a struggle to look for the perfect things to buy especially that one shop doesn't have it all.

Had I known Kids Company before, it would be a lot easier to buy baby gears and nursery essentials! It is the perfect online shop to buy branded items like Chicco, Fisher-Price, Joie, Nuna, VTech Baby and many more.

Another good thing about buying from Kids Company is that you are guaranteed that they are selling authentic products. Yes, you do not need to worry about fake and replica items. Of course, we only want to buy authentic products to make sure that they are safe for our little ones.

If you are planning to buy from Kids Company, this is the best time to do it since they have an ongoing early Christmas sale until September 23. Customers will enjoy 20% off on regular-priced products sitewide. This is also a good time to buy your gifts for a hassle-free shopping experience this holiday season. You could also avoid the rush in shopping malls if you buy online.

To make it easier for you, I collated top 10 baby care items that you would need for your baby. For sure, you will find them very useful which

1. Chicco Nursery Starter Kit

If you are just expecting a baby, pick this starter kit which includes three baby bottles, two bottle nipples and a bottle cleaner. This is indeed the nursery starter kit that you need! But you can also take a look at other Chicco bottles on the website. They come in various sizes and colors.

2. Chicco Boppy Pillow

Chicco Boppy Pillow
Your baby can safely lay on his tummy while playing by using this Chicco Boppy Pillow.  It has an ergonomic shape while the baby can have fun with the attached mirror, booklet and ring with colored balls which jingle! This could also be a perfect baby shower gift!

3. Chicco Bottle Warmer Home 220-240 V

Chicco Bottle Warmer Home 220-240 V
This is great for busy parents who want to give their babies a warm bottle of milk and warm baby food. Yes, this isn't just for baby bottles! It is actually a two in one bottle and baby food warmer. It is fast and safe which can guarantee perfect results for the baby.

4. Sanosan Baby Care Powder 200g

Sanosan Baby Care Powder

Protect your baby from friction soreness, prickly heat and irritation with Sanosan Baby Care Powder. This will ensure you that your baby will not be irritable and would feel comfortable all the time.

5.  Sanosan Natural Kids 3-in-1 Shower And Shampoo 250ml

Sanosan Natural Kids 3-in-1 Shower And Shampoo

Pair your baby powder with this 3-in-1 shower and shampoo which will no doubt make your baby feel fresh after every bath!  This contains mild cleansing substances that are perfect for the children's sensitive skin. The pH-neutral, moisturizing formula with olive extract, panthenol and allantoin protects skin and hair from drying out.

6. Sanosan Baby Ointment 150ml

Sanosan Baby Ointment

If your baby is irritable due to diaper rash, use this bay ointment to calm him down. This protects the diaper area with zinc oxide and organic olive oil.

7. Chicco Nail Care Set

Chicco Nail Care Set

This is a complete set that you would need to care for your baby's nails. It comes in other colors too.

8. Akari Jr Mosquito Zapper (Tiger)

Akari Jr Mosquito Zapper

Make sure that there are no mosquitoes around the house that may harm your baby by using this cute mosquito zapper. There are other designs to choose from which includes a panda, a duck, a fish, and many more!

9. Chicco Brush & Comb (Orange)

Chicco Brush & Comb

Take care of your baby's hair using this brush and comb form Chicco which are especially designed for your baby's delicate hair and scalp.

10. Chicco Soft Nozzles For Physio Aspirator

Chicco Soft Nozzles For Physio Aspirator
If your baby will acquire colds, you would need this nasal aspirator to relieve baby's clogged nose. It has a soft nozzle made of silicon and it is gentle for baby's tender nostrils.

Apart from these baby care products, there are still a lot more baby-friendly stuff that you can get from Kids Company. In fact, they have almost everything that parents need for the children since they do not just have baby gears but even learning toys in all ages!

Top 10 Baby Care Products from KidsCompany

I could definitely say that Kids Company is a one-stop online marketplace for parents who are busy and who wants the best for their children. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to their website so you can avail of their items while its on sale. 

Also, follow their Facebook page so you can be updated with promos and sales! Watch out for the weekly sale that is announced on their page.

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