Safe Online Shopping Tips for Busy Moms

It is normal for moms to shop online since it is more convenient for us to do this. Instead of going out with the kids, we sometimes prefer to shop in the comfort of our own home. Well, this is true for moms who are also work-at-home moms just like me.

Personally, I love to buy stuff online from my kid's clothes for their toys. In fact, most of their things are from online websites and marketplaces. I find online shopping very convenient and things I buy online are always unique unlike the ones in our local department stores.

online shopping tips

But there are things that we need to remember in order to avoid getting scammed for our online purchases. We have to make sure that we are doing the safest way to purchase online. So today, I am going to give you tips on how to stay safe when online shopping.

1. Make sure the website is secure.

Check the url of the website. See to it that it has the lock sign before the url. This means that the website has SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption installed. You will know if a website is secure when it starts with https and not only http.

2. Purchase only from familiar websites.

There are so many websites where you can buy clothes, makeup, home items, toys and many more. But for sure, there are sites that you are already familiar with and you have seen that many users already bought from it. You can also try searching a particular site on Google so you can check reviews about it. It is also advisable to have one go-to website for different online deals so that you can do away with fake deals. You can try checking Sello's hot deals regularly so you can get the best deals online.

safest way to purchase online

3. Shop with your credit card.

It is actually safer to shop using your credit card since you can cancel it at once unlike using a debit card wherein all your funds are readily available. Your entire account will be at risk when using debit cards but if you use a particular credit card that you especially use for online shopping, you can just cancel it once there are suspicious things happening.

4. Use strong passwords.

It is better if you use different passwords on every site or marketplace. This way, once someone hacks into one of your accounts, they cannot easily get into all your other accounts. Also, use strong passwords with a combination of letters, numbers and even characters that are allowed in that particular website.

Safe Online Shopping Tips

5. Use apps.

Every shopping website has their own app. It would be safer if you purchase items using their apps. Download the app of a shopping site that you regularly visit. You can even get discounts and deals from it.

In truth, it is not scary to buy things only if you already know what to do to make sure that you are making a safe online purchase. I hope that you will take note of these safe online shopping tips whenever you buy something for your kids or even for yourself.

Safe Online Shopping Tips for Busy Moms

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