Cost of Chimney Building & Repair

Chimneys perform a very important role in the home because they allow you to have a fire safely to keep the property warm, and there is nothing quite like relaxing in front of the fire after a long day. However, strict building regulations govern chimney building, and it is vital that you use the services of a professional so that the emissions leave the house and the warmth is kept inside. Repairs can also be complex, and in most cases, you will need to find a professional to make sure that the job is carried out properly and safely.

Building A Chimney

If you are having a chimney built, then you may wonder how much this will cost. It will depend on the complexity of the design and the type of fire that you want to have. For example, wood-burning fires can use a prefabricated stainless-steel flue which is, generally, the most affordable option. 

Solid flue fires need an insulated twin-wall flue which can be costly, so always keep this in mind when deciding about what type of fire you want to have. The components will vary in cost, but you will need to decide on the chimney breast, flue liner, flue pipe, flue connector, hearth, and smoke shelf. Overall, a homeowner can expect to spend anywhere over a thousand on building a new chimney.


There are very small repair jobs through to much larger ones, so how much this will cost will depend on the job and how long it will take to complete. However, typically, a job will cost a couple of hundred but sometimes less.


The chimney flue is the pipe inside, through which exhaust gases escape to the outside world. It is a vital part of this structure, and it will need regular cleaning to ensure that gases are able to escape easily and that there will be no build-up of carbon monoxide. If you have problems with the flue, you will need to have a new liner installed as a priority.


The brickwork both inside and out should be examined on a regular basis for cracks. Cracks on the outside can result in structural damage to your entire home, while a crack on the inside could allow dangerous gases to fill your home instead of escaping to the outside world. Minor repairs can be repointed, but bigger problems will need chimney repair carried out by a professional.

Chimney Stack

The chimney stack is the part of the structure that projects above your roof and is usually made from brick. Look for stains near the chimney breast as this could indicate that the flashings are allowing rainwater in and will need replacing. Another common problem with the chimney stack is that they can become unstable and start to lean. Keep an eye on the stack and any signs that it is leaning because it may require reinforcing by a professional.

The cost of chimney building and repairs will vary depending on a number of factors, but no matter what, you always need to use quality materials and employ a professional for the best results.

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