Fun Ways to Spend Time with the Kids This Fall

The fall is when so many important festivals and ceremonies occur. Whether you want to stay at home or jet off to somewhere with perfectly picturesque in fall colors is up to you. Just remember to spend time with your family.

It is your memories together, after all, that will make this season special and something to cherish. If you need ideas on how to spruce family time up, however, here are some great ways to have fun and spend time together.

Go to the MassKara Festival

The MassKara Festival, held in the so-called “City of Smiles,” is a great way to spend time together as a family and to celebrate your heritage. Starting only a few decades ago to help cheer up the citizens of Bacolod after economic downturn and a sea vessel accident, this festival is now a colorful, fun way to spend the season. You can enjoy dancing, music, food festivals, and even a beauty pageant.

There are great festivals throughout the Philippines, and going to them is a great way to spend time together as the weather brightens and the rainy season ends.

Go On a Hike Together as a Family

When the rainy season tempers out in late fall is the perfect time to start hiking again with your family. Going on outdoor excursions can help you stay fit, bond, and appreciate the natural world for all it holds. If you truly want to help your neighborhood, however, try to bring a bag with you so that you can pick up any trash left by tourists and locals alike.

Make Seasonal Fall Meals Together

Seasonal meals are the perfect way to support the local community and to bring your family together. Give everyone a job so that your meal preparations are not only easier but so that you can all spend some quality time together and bond over delicious food. You will also be teaching your children key life skills and about the basics of nutrition, which is a win-win for every family.

Fun Ways to Spend Time with the Kids This Fall

Travel to a Great Fall Capital

If you want a western experience this fall, head over to one of the great European capitals. This way you can enjoy the color, the fall festivals, and of course the harvest seasons to their fullest. You can even enjoy activities such as Halloween and Bonfire Night if you travel to London. As these cities are world capitals, you are guaranteed to have a great time.

Enjoy a day wandering in and out of museums, and go for dinner and then any of the great West End shows for kids. Explore castles and palaces. Peruse markets, because the fall season is great for families to get out and explore. As a bonus, you can beat some of the high tourist season occurring at home.

Regardless of what your fall season consists of we should all spend more time together with our family and loved ones.

Image Credit: Masskara Festival Photo by Ceslou

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