5 Tips to Decreasing Your Carbon Footprint

Reduction in energy consumption and the use of green energy sources are some of the main ways you can reduce your carbon footprint. You should start by monitoring the use of energy in your home, and adopting ways to reduce energy consumption. You may use the Texas electricity rate calculator to see exactly how much energy you consume.

It can also help to review other charges that increase your power bills every month. The method of payment, subscription and making payments through phones may attract some charges. This increases your power bills. You should review such measures to ensure that you are not paying more for power simply because you are using a different bill payment option.

Here are 5 tips to decreasing your carbon footprint:

1. Temperature controls

This is important in ensuring the right atmosphere in your home. But both heating and cooling systems in your home consume electricity. If they are faulty, they will consume even more. Traditional heating and cooling systems are also not efficient. It is important to adopt the modern systems to regulate temperature at home. Other measures you can take is to improve on insulation for cold weather and also on ventilation. These measures will reduce energy consumption in your home and consequently your carbon footprint.

2. Air travel

This contributes more to carbon emissions. At a personal level, you may limit frequently air travels and use the train instead. Air travel companies should be actively involved in supporting green technology since their business contribute a lot to carbon emission. Air travel also leads to many complicated effects in addition to carbon emissions.

3. Opt for electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are more energy efficient with minimal carbon emissions. More emphasis should be on train travel. Reducing car mileage reduces carbon emission. Alternatively, you may lease electric cars. They are expensive but they emit negligible carbon hence more environmentally friendly. If none of the approaches above appeals to you, ensure that you maintain your car in good condition. You should also use it sparingly if you wish to decrease your carbon footprint.

4. LED lights

This is an effective way to reduce carbon footprint. You should replace halogen lights with LED lights and you will notice a big difference in energy consumption. The national grids will also benefit from this since there will be no need to turn on the power systems frequently due to increased power demands.

5. Adopt renewable energy sources

Solar and wind energy, as well as biogas, are renewable sources of energy. you may install solar panels in your home to help create renewable energy which is less expensive and environmentally friendly. It is also important to support companies that are investing in renewable energy by buying their shares. Wind, solar and hydroelectric plants may from time to time look for financing through shares. When you buy their shares, then you will be promoting the use of green energy which reduces carbon emissions in the long run.

By buying clean energy, reducing the use of electricity in your home and generally maintaining the electric appliances and gadgets in your home, you can decrease your carbon footprint considerably.

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