Home Decor Tips on a Budget

As women we all want our homes to look beautiful and to be a reflection of our personalities, even if there is more than one in the household - ours, his and the children’s. One has to find the best compliment to suit them all but at the same time one needs to be aware of the costs, which can begin to skyrocket if you’re not careful! If you desperate to change up your home and have it reflect more of who you are as a family, as well as make it more comfortable and welcoming for guests, but don’t have the extra cash to do so, you may just find our home improvement tips super handy!

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All of our tips are budget friendly and have the power to transform and improve your space in ways you never thought possible. Now, once you have considered your budget, the fun part begins. We’d suggest you go from one room to the next and decide on the changes you’d like to make - even if it only needs a lick of color. Write everything down, prioritize what’s most important to you and then start shopping around for the best prices. If you find you have gone over your budget once you’ve started shopping, go back to your list and scratch off that which is not a priority.

Let’s take a look at the small, inexpensive changes you can make to give your home a stylish makeover!

1. Reupholster furniture items

Utilize the furniture that you do have. Often furniture becomes warn, and the fabric starts to look ‘tired’ after many years of use, but don’t be put off! Don’t throw it out just because it doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing, you can solve this problem quickly and affordably! All you need to do is reupholster the furniture by getting them recovered with new fabric (that you can choose, which is a bonus), or you could simply get them properly cleaned - which also makes a world of difference.

If there are furniture items that you really cannot fix or upholster, then we’d suggest you take them to places such as Cash Crusaders, who will buy the items from you, or alternatively, you could advertise the items in the local paper. It really all depends on what it is and whether or not someone else could perhaps make use of it. But again, first make sure you have exhausted all options before getting rid of the item. Trust us, with a new fabric, a good paint and clean or some new knobs for drawers you’ll have a whole new piece.

2. Repair appliances

Appliance repairs make a huge difference to your living space. Perhaps not aesthetically, but it certainly improves the comfort of your home. There’s nothing more unsettling than living in a home where nothing works, or appliances are stored all over the house for ‘one day’ when they’ll be fixed. Instead of putting it off, make that ‘one day’, today! Repairing old appliances is, of course, a much cheaper and smarter option than just going out and buying something that you have or that you forgotten you had.

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3. Add photographs to the space

That empty wall that has bothered you for so long and has been screaming for some love and attention - now is the chance for you to do something with it! Make the once empty, abandoned wall a feature in your home. We’d recommend you consider filling the wall with your most loved photographs as this will add warmth to the space and make it more personal.

There are also great ways to lay out the pictures to make it look like a work of art. A wall mural or great wallpaper is another great option that’s incredibly affordable and has the power to really modernize your space. You could also get creative and create a family tree - even if it’s just of your immediate family - with mom, dad, children and your fur babies.

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4. Consider rearranging the furniture

This is one of the most obvious ways to change up your home, and also the most effective - and what’s even better is that it costs you absolutely nothing! Rearrange the furniture and try all angles until you find the most flattering arrangement for the area. Remember you always want a space to look bigger and more inviting so consider this when changing things around.

5. Add functional extras

Functional extras are items that improve the decor, enhance the energy of a space, but which are also useful, practical and functional. These items include mirrors; these make spaces look bigger and of course add to the decor but can obviously also be used. Other items are plants or flowers, scatter cushions, art pieces, rugs and vases for example. All of these items are relatively inexpensive and add certainly bring great value to your home.
Home Decor Tips on a Budget

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  1. Do you have any suggestions for people who don't know how to repair appliances? I'm not great mechanically but would love to try.