How to Create a Family-Friendly Garden

Having a beautiful garden is one of the best perks of owning a house. It gives you a place for quiet relaxation or a fantastic entertaining area. It is a piece of greenery you can organize in any way you see fit, and a piece of nature you can adjust to your personal preferences.

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If you have children, the garden becomes even more important because it provides your kids with an opportunity to explore the world and nature in a safe zone. It gives them a chance to play outside in the fresh air, and it may even pull them away from video games! Gardens provide so many benefits, so here are some suggestions on how to make yours more family-friendly.

1. Choose plants wisely

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Keep in mind that your garden will suffer a lot of running, crawling and hiding, so make sure that your plants aren’t of the fragile sort. Find the plants that can survive the not-so-gentle treatment they’re sure to receive.

If you have very young children, it may be wise to avoid thorns and poisonous plants – but ensure that your kids know that putting any kind of plants in their mouths is strictly forbidden, just in case. In order to teach them to respect and love nature, give your kids an area in which they can grow their own plants – flowers or veggies. They’ll love seeing the fruits of their labor come to life before their very eyes.

2. Give your children a hideaway place

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As children grow, they require more privacy. Therefore, giving them a private corner while they’re young can be a wonderful idea. Make them a cubby-house or a teepee when they’re little, and update as they get older. A space just for them will make them feel special and important. it will give them a sense of privacy and make them feel like a grown-up. They’ll be happier and learn to respect their and other people’s privacy better.

3. Make a pond

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A pond is a great way to introduce your children to a huge number of tiny animals. They can identify insects or even catch a frog or two. However, ponds are not for the smallest kids, since the risk of drowning is too big, so make sure your timing is right.

4. Make a pool

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If you have enough space in your garden, a pool is a fantastic option. You can teach your kids to swim, and water-based exercises are great for their development. It is a perfect base for some quality family fun and enjoyment – but don’t forget to create shade as well.

The sun gives us vitamin D, but it is also extremely dangerous if you don’t take care of the exposure. Install a beautiful pool pergola to protect your family from the rays, so you can enjoy the perks without worrying about the dangers. Of course, there is an added bonus to the pool – it’s a breathtaking entertaining area, don’t you think?

5. Have a built-in trampoline

family-friendly garden

Trampolines are so much fun, not only for the children but for some adults as well. Jumping up and down is also a good exercise, and learning how to do somersaults and lazy backs can really improve your children’s motor skills.

Built-in trampolines are safer since there is nowhere to fall because the trampoline itself is in line with the ground. They are also more aesthetically pleasing, as all the equipment is underground, so it can’t be seen. It’s a better option than traditional trampolines, so if it’s your cup of tea, why not try it?

How to Create a Family-Friendly Garden

With these simple ideas, you can make your garden a lot more family-friendly. Let your children enjoy the great outdoors, but remember – family includes you, so make sure you leave a little something for you too!

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