5 Tips for Planning Your Next Vacation

Vacation planning should be a fun activity rather than a stressful one, it is all about how you approach it. From deciding on the destination to finding the right dates and doing all the necessary booking, there are a lot of factors involved in planning a vacation. Here to help are some useful tips that can make a world of difference when it comes to laying out the plans for your next great vacation.

Start with the where

The first step is definitely settling down on the destination. This is not an easy task. There is a big difference between having a vague idea where you want to go, like a general continent. ‘I want to visit Europe’ or ‘I want to visit Asia’, is not the same as saying ‘I want to visit Germany’ or ‘I want to visit Vietnam’, and you can go even more specific and settle on several cities you would like to explore on your vacation. 

The more precise you are the more real the vacation plans get and you will be able to start mapping out the rest of your route along with setting clear goals and making all the necessary arrangements. So start with writing down several destinations, weighing fors and againsts and settling on the one that appeals the most to you at this moment in time.

Then move on to the how

The manner in which you plan to travel also plays an important role when it comes to planning your vacation. First of all, how will you get there? This, of course, depends on the destination, but in most cases going by plane is the fastest and most time-saving option. Which will allow you a lot more time to explore the designated destination. Now, when there you should consider what manner of transport you would like to use. 

You can opt for local transport options or decide to rent your desired means of transport. For example, if you are visiting Southeast Asia you might consider the option to travel Vietnam by motorbike thus allowing yourself to get immersed in the local energy and culture, and even explore some amazing areas that are located off the beaten track.

Don’t forget about the when

Some destinations are dependant on the season, and it is important to add that to your calculations. For example, visiting Egypt in July and August can prove to be uncomfortably hot, while, on the other hand, these two months are ideal for Europe and that side of the Mediterranean. And if you want to spend your vacation in the Caribbean think about going there between January and May as to avoid the very unpleasant monsoon season. 

So as you can see your desired destination will dictate when you are going on vacation. And this is something you definitely need to include in your vacation planning as to avoid bad weather spoiling your ideal adventure.

Now it’s time for the who with

Deciding whether you want to travel on your own, with somebody or join a group can have a big effect on the outcome of your vacation. If you want a relaxing 20-day trip at some renowned resort you can choose to go on your own. Take the time to relax, treat yourself to spa days, massages and simply unwind. On the other hand, if you are a more adventurous type who wants to explore going with a group is not a bad option. 

You will have an experienced guide, get to meet other adventurous travelers and get a far deeper understanding of the location you are exploring. Finally, opting to go with a friend or a loved one has a whole other number of benefits like bonding over a shared experience and discovering new things together. You can even opt to plan out the whole trip on your own, from accommodation booking to transfers and sights you intend to visit. The options are definitely limitless.

Finally, don’t go overboard with the sights

A common mistake most travelers make is wanting to see everything they can in the short period they have to explore their destination of choice. Now, this can lead to lead to long days of going from one place to another, standing in lines to snap a few photos and getting to your accommodation simply exhausted. Don’t immediately think this is the first and last time you will ever visit this location, life is full of surprises and you might end up coming back sooner than you can imagine. 

The idea is to have a relaxing vacation with enough downtime to recharge your batteries and to simply take a moment and soak up the energy of a certain location. Don’t put yourself on a tight schedule and feel trapped, you have more than enough of that in everyday life, on your vacation you are supposed to do whatever you feel like doing at that precise moment. So write down the sight you want to see, and when you get there to pick and choose when to visit which one without feeling pressured.

We hope that above-listed tips will help you plan a dream vacation that will leave you feeling relaxed and energized, full of wonderful stories and unforgettable experiences.

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