Advice On Investing In Antique Silver

Antique silver is making a comeback which also means that it is a perfect time to invest. The antique silver market has been getting stronger which means that the value is increasing and making it a much more appealing investment for many people. Before you dabble in the market though, there are some things that you should know, and below is some advice that will help to ensure that you make a wise investment and do not throw your money away.

Antique Jewelry

The Age Of The Silver Is Important

Before you purchase your antique jewellery online, it is essential that you find out the age of the piece before making your purchase. The age can help determine how valuable an item is and another important aspect is if the silver has a genuine hallmark or not. Sterling silver comprises of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper, and this alloy standard has been in use in the UK since around the year 1238. As such, all silver products should carry a hallmark denoting the purity of the silver and where it was made.

Condition Is Also Important

Another factor that is going to determine the value of your antique silver is the condition that it is in, with poor condition silver jewellery being worthless. The better the state, the more valuable it is, so you will want to ensure that you invest in silver jewellery that is in excellent condition and has no damage at all.

If the item has been damaged and repaired over the years, then this can reduce the value quite drastically. Make sure that you look at the condition closely before purchasing and ask the vendor for any provenance that the piece may have. Knowing the history of an item can also help you determine an accurate value for it.

Investing In Antique Silver

Who Is The Maker?

If the silver jewellery was made by a well-known jeweller, this could also help to increase the value. If possible, you will want to find out who made the jewellery and the hallmark and provenance can assist you with this. A reputable silversmith such as Paul Storr is considered one of the finest in the 19th century, so items by him will have a higher value than a less known silversmith.

What Is In Fashion?

Fashions come and go, so it is imperative to look at what is popular in the market before investing. At one-time silver teapots were very fashionable, but these are no longer as popular, so you will want to choose something that is going to be easy to sell if you ever decide to liquidate your investment.

Antique Silver

Bigger Is Not Always Better

You often find that bigger pieces of silver are not as collectable, and people usually prefer smaller items. Make sure that you choose to invest in something that is not only popular but also suits your taste.

Take your time with your investment, do your research, and you could find that in the coming years you will be able to make a healthy profit when you decide to liquidate your investment.

Advice On Investing In Antique Silver

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