A Sense of Calm: 7 Natural Products That Will Help You Relax

Stress, tension, and anxiety are all inherent to every human being. They are part and parcel of the nature of everyone, young and old alike. But much as that’s true, steering clear from anxiety and maintaining a calm demeanor all the time is nearly impossible.

But it’s easy for a person to rush to a physician or a pharmacy, buy and pop in some pills and feel calm. As long as it doesn’t turn into an addiction, using any form of prescription pills is perfectly acceptable. What many probably don’t know, however, is that there exists an array of natural stress relieving substances made exclusively from organic matter with some being even is more powerful.

What many do not know is that before the emergence of these prescription drugs, natural remedies for stress and anxiety were the primary forms of treatment. Their use is still rife in some parts of the world today, not to mention the fact that some even inspired the making of some of today’s stress reliever pills. What’s even more incredible is that almost all these herbal supplements are excellent in subduing stress and anxiety.

Forget about relaxing teas and hot bath therapies, if you would like to soothe your body and mind using natural supplements exclusively, these are the most preferred ones:

1. Valerian roots

While you could be learning about this magical herb for the first time today, valerian root has been helping relieve anxieties for centuries. It’s perhaps the most trusted natural remedy owing to how it soothes quickly, bringing about a feeling of peace and tranquility.

The charm behind the power of valerian roots is how it triggers an increase in the amount of amino acid gamma-aminobutyric acid in the brain. When the brain gets more of this substance, the nerve cells bring about a form of ease, making one relax and feel calm. Other effects of using this herb include getting lots of quality sleep and feeling completely at peace.

To take this natural supplement of anxiety, you can drink valerian root tea or take it as a capsule or a pill. Don’t feel intimidated by this herb’s unappealing smell, you make it, and before long, the healing effect is felt.

2. Lavender

If there’s one natural supplement that has a reputation for soothing anxiety, then it certainly is lavender. Forget about this plant’s heavenly and rapidly soothing aroma, when its flowers are wrapped on a damp piece of towel or pillow so that an anxious person smells it, an instant Midas touch is felt. Indeed, it is an effective natural remedy for stress.

Another excellent way to utilize lavender is to mix the essential oil with the bathwater and take a good, thorough bath. You require the best essential oil diffuser, and you’re good to go. Another way to achieve a calming effect is to take a soft lavender gel and apply on.

3. Kava Root

Calm Clinic alludes that Kava is one of the most effective natural supplements against anxiety. WebMD even supports the same, stating that in its herbal supplement form, this herb works against not only stress, tension, and anxiety, but also anxious thoughts too.

Before the scientific studies, however, Kava root had maintained a profound use in the world of ancient medication. Consumed as tea or infusion, it was primarily used to bring about muscle relaxation and induce mild sedation. Today, the plant’s excellence in combating anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, and stress-related symptoms makes it a perfect choice.

The best way to take Kava, therefore, is as Kava tea. This herb, in pill or capsule form, also is available and leaves just as much effect as the extracts.

4. Lemon Balm

The use of Lemon Balm to treat anxiety isn’t something new, especially amongst those who love ancient, natural medicines. It is believed that the use of this herb dates back to the Middle Ages, then known as Melissa officinalis when it served the same purpose.

This was even confirmed beyond any reasonable doubt when a group of healthy volunteers participated in a week-long study. They would take a daily dose of lemon balm, 600mg per person. By the time a week was over, it was found that the mood of every one of them had increased and they all boasted enhanced calmness and alertness, and they were visibly relaxed.

Today, its supplements are an effective natural remedy for digestive for a plethora of mild ailments as they are against stress and anxiety. You take a cup of lemon balm tea, and you instantly feel calm and at ease. You can also take it as a capsule or as an extract and still feel relieved.

5. Chamomile

As far as using natural means to treat anxiety is concerned, no herb is a favorite amongst green tea lovers as chamomile. A sip of it is sure to bring that calming and relaxing effect, and that’s because it not only makes the muscles relax but also soothes the nerves.

The use of chamomile to treat various ailments dates back to centuries ago and one of the primary reasons why it’s still a huge favorite today is because it has no adverse side effects. For those who would prefer to take it as chamomile tea, however, pills and capsules are also available.

6. Green Tea (L-Theanine)

It’s said that the secret medication that helped Japanese monks spend hours to stay alert while meditating was because they would consume Theanine-rich teas. Theanine isn’t just an excellent stress-reliever, but also has a massive effect on how a man achieves calmness and upright thinking.

In fact, according to Life Extension, the power behind this herbs soothing effect is from the fact that when theanine gets into the blood system, it quickly crosses the “blood-brain barrier.” It then gets to the brain cells and thus the calmness and cognitive functioning.

7. Passionflower

Passionflower isn’t as popular natural medication for treating anxiety as the other herbs, but it gets the job done well. Native to Peru, this plant is nowadays found across the world, which thus means you can readily find one near your home.

In Germany, Passionflower is regarded as one of the government-approved medications for restlessness and anxiety. Other than that, it also treats insomnia since just a little of it is enough to induce drowsiness. You can smell the flower in its raw form or take it as pills.

Another favorite, natural way of fighting anxiety is by working out, take a walk, dance to your favorite music or grab a bite. With the help of all these herbs, however, rest assured you will achieve lasting calmness quickly.

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  1. I love Chamomile and Lavender - you're right they are awesome stuff, will try the others now too! Thanks for sharing :)