Don't Make These Mistakes: 8 Fashion Disasters to Avoid

Embracing fashion can be very challenging and time-confusing. This explains why fashion-challenged persons can be very common. Perhaps you may be making different fashion mistakes without knowing. 

It may be quite difficult to seek help about the same and most can prefer the associated embarrassment instead. But we all know what such an embarrassment can have on our self-esteem. Learning about the different mistakes, however, makes it easier for you to avoid them. We’ve put together a list of 8 fashion disasters that you should always avoid. Please read on.

1. Wearing the Wrong Length

This is a common fashion mistake several people make most of the time, more so the short people. Some pants can affect how you look in them. Some can even make you look shorter than usual, which can affect your self-esteem when in the presence of your peers. You, therefore, have to be careful when choosing the pants to put on to avoid choosing pants that make you look shorter. Choose pants whose length falls right between the knees and your ankles. Also, to enhance an elongated look, ensure to wear a fitted top. You can look for amazing coupons from several platforms such as this site to allow you to take advantage of frugal and convenient shopping offers available.

2. Mismatching Belt and Shoes

Perhaps, if you move around the town right now, you won’t miss seeing one or two guys who haven’t followed the belt-and-shoes color rule. Those who mismatch the colors of their belt and shoes. For you to dress nicely, you need to always ensure that your shoes match your belt. For instance, if you’re to wear brown shoes, a brown belt will do and not a black one. Therefore, avoid making a mistake of mixing up the belt and shoe color. Go stylish with a similar color family.

3. Showing a Little Too Much Skin

Everyone who has amazing assets would want to show them off every time they’re in the company of different people. This can be a bad idea to embrace fashion. You need to wear clothes that accentuate your assets and not those that show them off. Remember, you’ll be going to a public place with lots of different people with different lifestyles. This calls for proper dressing, remember what you wear say a lot about you. You wouldn’t want to put on a very short skirt that will be a problem when you’re to bend to do or pick something. Choose something that will make you very comfortable when in the company of other people and at the same making you look fashionable.

4. Wearing a See-Through Top

Most ladies normally get their attires wrong when summers and springs are due. They often go for the see-through top not knowing that the shirt can become significantly less thick unlike what they’d thought. To avoid making this mistake, you should ask a friend to check if the top will be thick enough under the natural light. You may as well stand by a window and use the light to check if some light will penetrate and expose some body parts underneath the shirt. If it won’t be thick enough, consider changing the cloth and wear a thick one or you can as well layer a tank top underneath.

5. Tight or Oversized Clothes

Having clothes that flaunt your curves can be a very nice design to embrace fashion. However, some – especially those with weight problems – tend to think that wearing tight-fitting clothes can help hide fats around their bellies and other sensitive parts of the body. While oversized dresses and jumpers can look sassy on you, ill-fitting clothes can become a disaster. Blindly putting on clothes that are of the wrong size will make you look out of shape and lowers your self-esteem when you go out to some event or when moving around the streets. Therefore, ensure to always check that you don’t put on too tight or ill-fitting oversized clothes.

6. Wearing a Couple of Accessories

This is very common with artists. Donning their clothing with more than one accessories such as rings, bracelets, neck pieces, or anklets. It’s ok to wear at least one or two at a time depending on your lifestyle, but the moment you wear all of the bling-bling together, it becomes a disaster for your fashion. If you’re attending some event like a wedding, sticking to less bling is very essential. If you must wear them, try to stick to light accessories or you can opt for one at a time.

7. Using a Tie Knot That’s of the Wrong Size

Some celebrities have had it all wrong when they appear to the public with their tie knots not being of the right size. This is one of the worst fashion disasters that you can make especially when attending some special occasion. To avoid making such a mistake, ensure to tie properly according to the size of your collar. For instance, if you’re having a smaller collar, you need to tie a four in hand knot. Therefore, consider the width of the collar and suits lapels as you balance the size of the tie knot.

8. Applying the Dark Makeup

Clothing is not the only thing to consider when it comes to fashion. While it can be attractive from some distance, having a busted face may spoil all the fun. Perhaps, people will hardly concentrate on your clothing however fashionable they may be. A proper application of your makeup is very key for you as a woman regardless of the occasion you’re planning to attend. For instance, avoid pairing a dark lipstick with dark eye makeup to avoid causing some fashion disaster. Go simple, if you must apply dark eye make-up, use a lighter lipstick instead.


Probably, you may not be having time to be updated on the current fashion trends. This can affect how you’ll dress on different occasions which could result in some embarrassments. These are some of the common fashion disaster mistakes people often make. Perhaps, by learning about these mistakes, you’ll be in a better position of avoiding such and related mistakes. Also, look out for other relevant themed blogs to learn more about fashion and the mistakes to avoid.

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