Get Away at Home: Create an Outdoor Oasis for Your Family

Nowadays, children spend more time in the virtual world than the real one. It’s important that you encourage your little ones to go and play outside because it will benefit their development. Creating a stunning outdoor oasis will help you inspire your children to spend more time outdoors. In addition, it will provide your entire family with a sanctuary where you can spend quality time together.

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Choose the perfect location

Start by finding the perfect location for your outdoor haven. There should be enough space for creating different zones for maximum functionality. Your outdoor oasis should also have enough shade so that your kids don’t spend too much time under the scorching sun during summer.

Of course, you can always add sun umbrellas and other shading solutions. Furthermore, if you’re planning to create an outdoor kitchen for family feasts, you should place it closer to your home, since this is the most convenient solution.

Create a lounge area

Outdoor Oasis

Your family needs a seating area where you can all gather around and spend time together. You should introduce comfy patio furniture and place it in a semi-circle for a more intimate layout that will encourage togetherness and communication.

You can place your seating area under a pergola and add lovely curtains if you need more privacy. Afterward, add lovely decorations and don’t forget to install whimsical lighting that will create a magical effect. Lanterns, twinkle lights, and candles are all great solutions that all of you will love!

Add a fire pit

Designing a fire pit is definitely a great option for a family oasis. You and your little ones can gather around the fire and make delicious s’mores. In addition, a lovely fire pit will also keep you warm and cozy on chilly nights and fill your outdoor oasis with a crackling sound and a lovely glow. There are plenty of DIY fire pit designs that you can build on your own.

Introduce a spa pool

spa pool

Children love pools, but building one in your own backyard isn’t the easiest or most affordable solution. Instead, you should consider getting a lovely modern swim spa that both you and your kids will adore! Your little ones will be able to splash around and play during the day, getting some quality exercise. In the evening, you and your spouse can enjoy the spa over some fine wine and have some time to yourselves.

Don’t forget a kids’ play area

You should definitely create a kids’ play area unless you want toys scattered around your entire backyard. There are so many fun ideas that you can try out. You can set up an outdoor kitchen for your kids, hang a swing or even build a treehouse. From musical zones to homemade sandboxes, there are numerous stunning ideas for your children’s play area. They will want to spend all of their time playing outside!

Keep it playful and fun

Remember that this is your family oasis, so you should introduce something for everyone. You can ask your family to participate in the design and share their ideas. It’s important that you create a playful atmosphere that will encourage your children to actually spend time there. If you go with a luxe, elegant and all-adult features, they won’t be interested in it at all! So, use some bold and vivid colours, add unique garden sculptures and incorporate the style of your entire family. You can ask your children to paint rocks and use them to decorate the garden.

Create an Outdoor Oasis for Your Family

If you’re planning to pave your oasis, you should go with pavers that feature unique patterns and designs. Keep it cheerful, fun and exciting and your kids will adore it! Most importantly, remember that building your family oasis will take time, so you can set up a base and then add items and elements gradually. The most important thing is that you can have your personal family space where you can escape from the world together.

You and your family deserve an inspiring outdoor oasis where you’ll make precious memories together and spend quality time with each other.

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