How To Be A Happier Parent

Being a mother – being a parent – is indeed a learning experience. Every day will throw something new your way, and every day you will realize that there was something you hadn’t been aware of, or hadn’t even considered, before.

What you might not be thinking of through all of this fear and wonder and amazement is your own happiness. However, if you were to stop and really think about yourself for a moment, what would you see? Are you happy? Could you be happier? Have you fallen into a routine that keeps you organized and sane but that doesn’t make you truly smile? If so, here are some ways that you can be a happier person, and a happier parent, which will make your children happier too.

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Don’t Do Everything

Trying to do everything is a recipe for misery. There is no way that the human body or mind is set up to take on every single task that comes its way, and you shouldn’t feel guilty for saying no sometimes if it means you’ll be happier not doing something that you would be doing it.

One way to reduce the amount you have to do is to trust that your children can do those jobs for you. Teach them how to dress (and find the clothes they need in the first place), and how to brush their teeth. Teach your children how to clean their shoes, make their breakfast, make their beds, and so on. These may seem like small tasks, but they are tasks that you do every day and that, added together, take up a lot of time.

Delegate those tasks, and you will feel less burdened and much happier. Plus, your children will be learning important life skills that will help them later on.

Re-Evaluate Your Marriage, if necessary

We’re all so busy in our lives, living them, that it can be difficult to be truly objective about them. We spend a lot of time convincing other people that everything is perfect through social media, for example, but is that really the case? If you’re not sure, even if there is the smallest doubt, take a step back and really look at the life you’re living. Is it one that is making you happy?

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It’s important to remember that no one can be happy one hundred percent of the time, but you do need to be happy as much of the time as possible in order to feel good. If anything is making you miserable, could it be cut from your life? Should it? If a marriage isn’t working anymore and you need to spend some time apart, speak to an expert at Crisp & Co Family Solicitors for advice, for example. If it’s your job that is causing you to feel low and is no longer making you smile, search for a new one that will give you what you want.

If changes need to be made to make you happy, make them. Your life needs to be a happy one for you and for everyone around you.

Look For Happy Moments

Sometimes life will be hard, and there will be things that happen that make you sad or angry, or simply not happy. It is important to remember, in this case, that you need to look for the happy moments. They will be there. If all else fails, thinking of happy memories will help you improve your mood, and you can be a happier parent that way too.

How To Be A Happier Parent


  1. Wonderful post!! Thank you for the great advice, this will help so many people!

  2. this reminds me of this line in Sex and the City, when Charlotte said she's not happy every minute of everyday but there's always something to be happy about in everyday about her marriage.

    Yes constant reevaluation and addressing issues is a must. And another big yes to delagating tasks and not going it alone. Family is best when worked on as a team.

  3. I agree with your post. Yes, we should not do everything and let the children do their tasks so they will be independent.

  4. Happy parent means happy kids! I agree on looking back at happy memories to brighten the day.

  5. It's important for parents not to lose their happy spirits. Kids imbibe our personalities.

  6. I love your post.Very inspiring. "If changes need to be made to make you happy, make them." I really agree with this. If you are not happy with your situation right now, do your part, if given a chance do the things that will make happy, fulfilled and even happier don't hesitate to go for it. (but with limitations off course)