Keep Your Kids Safe & Protected from Pests

No one wants to find eerie crawlies in their house; nobody likes unwelcomed guests at their homes. Ants, rats, and other harmful pests can cause disaster in your home and may expose your family to detrimental diseases. Being a parent, you must determine which could be the best pest control option, to reduce your family's exposure to pesticides.

To reduce a child’s exposure to pesticides is to follow pre-emptive measures. There are few effective approaches for the pests that you can do in homes & garden.

Get rid of rats & mice

You can keep rats outside the house by eliminating their food supply from windows, doors and other entry points. If they have already entered the home, traps are the best way to catch them, place the traps in areas which are out of reach of children.

"When these rats start snitching break them off."

Kill the lice

Lice infestations may be protected by Instructing kids to avoid hair to hair contact, avoid sharing combs, caps, and cushions. Oil your kid's hair to treat lice, wash their hair with anti-lice shampoo. Make sections of their hair, and comb them thoroughly to remove insects.

Get rid of nasty mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can cause many viruses; you can protect your kids from mosquitoes, by eliminating stagnant water, especially from your kids' play area. Cover your kids adequately, by fully covering their arms and legs to protect them from mosquitoes bite.

Use  anti-bacterial soap

Develop the habit of washing hands in your kids; this will automatically remove bacteria and protect your kids against any illness. Tell your kids the benefits of washing hands, demonstrate how to wash hands practically.

Contact to a pest control professional

If you noticed you could not manage it alone. Do not be hesitant in contacting or hiring a pest control professional to treat pest infestation in your home. There are many pest control professionals available on the internet; you may contact them & book an appointment. You may review the company's website to approach professionals. Jackson New Jersey Pest Control Company can be helpful in this regard.

Avoid food with pesticide  

Pesticide residues can easily be found in many foods such as fruits, vegetables, milk, and flour and you can observe these are commonly used foods.

Following is the list of fruits& vegetables which contain different pesticides such as apples, strawberries, peaches, blueberries, and grapes; plants include celery, sweet bell peppers, leafy greens like lettuce, kale, and spinach, green beans, cucumbers, and potatoes.

The Internet offers many tools to buy organic food; there are many tools online with mobile apps which can guide you, Pesticide Action Network’s shopping tool What’s On My Food?

Keep Your Kids Safe & Protected from Pests

Pests free healthy garden

Children love to explore & play in gardens; gardens hold a wide variety of pests. Ask your kids to wear gloves to avoid pest exposure. You may contact an experienced Gardner to help you overcome this problem.

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