How You Can Teach Your Children About Sustainable Living Through Fashion

Although we all hope for a brighter future for our families, the sad reality is that may no longer be possible. Climate change is an unavoidable fact of life now, and according to the Philippine Star, the Philippines is the third most vulnerable country in the world.

Although it may be too late to stop climate change from happening, it is possible to reduce its effects through lifestyle changes. A previous post on Pink Heart String talked about how to reduce your household’s carbon footprint, but did you know it’s also possible to do so through your wardrobe?

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Green Strategy describes a method called sustainable fashion as not just producing accessories, clothing, and shoes in more environmentally-conscious ways, but also as a shift in consumer behaviors. This means cutting down on buying new clothes “just because,” and making a concentrated effort to be more conscious about your purchases so that the clothes that you do buy for you and your family, you end up keeping and wearing for longer.

Your kids may now be growing up in a world where fast fashion is the norm, and they may see their friends, neighbors, or the people on television buying the latest clothes and then throwing them out when they’re out of season. They might even learn this behavior from you, depending on your shopping habits. After all, who can resist the latest sale at the mall, or a good deal online?

Fashion Revolution Philippines says that the global fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world, producing unnecessary waste in the water and air and paying workers low wages in order to maximize profits. This industry hurts producers, manufacturers, and consumers, and has lasting impacts that extend far beyond the life of a t-shirt.

Sustainable Living Through Fashion

While the pleasure of buying a new blouse or shirt may be great, it’s time to think about whether that brief happiness will be worth the lasting impacts on society and the environment. If you’re not sure you can turn your whole lifestyle around immediately, then baby steps are fine. Start by supporting local brands that put more money into the hands of manufacturers and laborers than huge, international brands do.

Divert your attention to industry leaders BNY Jeans who manufacture affordable clothing in the country and don’t outsource to get cheaper labor and materials. Their clothes are of the highest quality and will last you and your family for years.

You can get your kids jeans that are sturdy and will last through the wear and tear of childhood, and BNY also has a Basics Collection that offers clothes in classic cuts that will look and feel just as good even years down the line. Buying from a local brand like BNY also ensures that more money goes into the Philippine economy, strengthening it and reducing the demand for cheap and flimsy items from countries like China.

How You Can Teach Your Children About Sustainable Living Through Fashion

By teaching your kids to think carefully about the impact that something as simple as clothes can have on the environment, you can help them become more mindful and empathetic citizens. Showing them that “cheap” can actually cost more in the long run will also teach them how to better invest their money and time, which is a truly useful skill for the future, and a valuable lesson from their parents.

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