5 Wooden Puzzle Games for Kids They'll Love Playing

Engaging in wooden puzzles is a fun way to get your children to play and learn at the same time! They keep children entertained, expand muscle, increase memory and concentration, and improve hand-eye coordination.

Wooden Puzzle Games for Kids

There are different types of wooden puzzle games for kids that you can buy. It depends on what the child wants and what you want to develop in them. Below, you will find the most addicting puzzles for 5 years old or older.

Shooting Star

Shooting Star wooden puzzle

The unique shape of the Shooting Star provides a fun challenge. Just holding it in your hand makes this 3D brain teaser seem magical. Curiosity will prompt kids to question how the pieces fit together to form the star. To find out, children have to disassemble six interlocking pieces and put them back together. As they work out the star wooden puzzle solution, they learn how to solve complex problems.

The shooting star puzzle solution is crafted from monkey-pod wood, giving it a smooth feel. Take it along on long car rides to keep kids busy. Adults also appreciate the joy this work of art brings. Display it on a table or desk for others to enjoy.

Traffic Light Puzzle

Traffic Light Wooden Puzzle

You will have a hard time trying to get kids to put this Traffic Light Puzzle down. Four colors—red, yellow, green, and blue—encourage color practice, strategy, and pattern recognition. Designed for kids age 7 and up, this brain booster offers hours of fun. The basis of the puzzle is to arrange the cubes to create one of three combinations. It’s up to the child to decide, which puzzle to solve first. Options include organizing all four colors on the top and bottom; placing four different colors on each side; or arranging the dots so there four separate colors on the top and bottom.

Challenge Box

Challenge Box wooden puzzle

The Challenge Box is so addictive that children may have dreams of trying to solve the puzzle. It is the three-dimensional equivalent of playing the Tetris game. Kids of all ages have a blast trying to pack the 3-D shapes into a rectangle box. It sounds simple, but it is more mind-boggling than it appears. The goal is to place eleven pieces of various sizes and shapes vertically and horizontally without leaving any gaps. Children may get close to solving the puzzle before they realize something went awry. One wrong placement and the user must start over.

Setting Sun

Setting Sun wooden puzzle

This incredibly engaging puzzle is both perplexing and hypnotic. It helps kids enhance concentration and memory skills, as well as practice logic and planning. The mission: move the square with the red dot (the sun) to the bottom without lifting the pieces. There’s no simple solution to this puzzle, so children have to stay focused to plot each move. Once they master the moves, they can claim victory by pulling the red square out of the opening at the bottom.

It comes with nine beautifully crafted color-coded tiles that rest inside a covered wooden box for safekeeping or travel. The Setting Sun Puzzle is ideal for keeping the kiddos engaged while you tend to chores.


Tangram wooden puzzle

Time flies when kids indulge their creative whims while playing with the Tangram Puzzle. Seven pieces of varying shapes help spark the imagination. Aside from being a puzzle, the Tangram doubles as building blocks. Tots can use the pieces to construct a house, pretend to play with animals, or make new shapes. The challenge begins when playtime ends. As children put the chunky pieces back into the box, they learn to recognize basic shapes and exercise fine motor skills.

Wooden puzzle games for kids not only help pass the time but also increase children’s ability to learn and grow. They are a perfect alternative to playing games on a smartphone or computer.

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  1. These puzzles look very interesting! I’m very interested in trying the challenge box! It seems pretty difficult in a fun way! Thanks for the great ideas to get the kids off the iPad!

  2. Saving this post for gift giving time! I love little toys like this that make kids thing and challenge themselves. I remember having something like the challenge box as a kid and loving it.

  3. Lovely toys! I love to get my kids wooden toys as well so much better for them to play with and lasts way longer. Lovely post