A Guide to Installing a Basement Bathroom

You might have built a guest bedroom in the basement and would like to provide the luxury of an en-suite bathroom, yet before doing anything, there are a few aspects to bear in mind when creating a bathroom below ground level.

Underground Plumbing

Installing a bathroom below ground level will require a water pump, plus additional drainage, yet this is all doable. Make sure you explain to the plumber what you plan to do, and he will give you his opinion, plus a quote for doing the work. You will need to add one waste and one water input connection, and both have to be hooked up to your plumbing system. Check out articles on how to plumb a basement bathroom, as it can surely help you gain more information on this matter.

Hot Water On Demand

Rather than hooking up to your hot water supply, choose an on-demand hot water shower, of which there are many. Browse the impressive catalogue of Grohe showers online, where you can buy everything you need for the conversion, and with a range of stunning shower screens, you can create a bathroom that matches the bedroom.

The Bathtub Dilemma

It really isn’t a good idea to install a bath in the basement bathroom, and with a digital shower unit that creates instant hot water, you do not need to connect to your existing hot water system. Aside from using a lot of energy, it is a lot of wastewater to remove in a short time, which could put pressure on the drainage, and from an eco-friendly perspective, bathtubs are not a good idea.

The Location

If at all possible, have the below ground bathroom directly above the regular bathroom, which makes connecting up the waste so much easier. It might be an idea to ask an experienced plumber to take a look at the site, and he can make a few recommendations that will likely save you some time and money. Assuming you have limited space, a corner unit shower would be the ideal solution and plumbing that it is a relatively easy task.

Bespoke Solutions

The ideal way to provide storage and shelving in the en-suite bathroom is customized cabinets, which allows you to make the best use of available space, and you can easily resize standard shower screen units if you can’t find a precise fit.

Consider Installing A Comfort Height Toilet

It would be a good idea for you to consider a comfort height toilet. Using a toilet with the right height can make it easier for your to sit and stand up. To find the best comfort height toilet click here.

Set your Budget

Once you know what the plumber will charge, make a list of all the materials, which can be purchased online from a single supplier, and you then know the costs for the project. Irrespective of a bathroom location, you should never compromise on quality, and the best shower unit and bathroom vanity names will ensure that your bathroom requires little or no repairs.

You may well be rather limited in location choices, and by talking to a local builder, you can get a clear idea of your options. Purchase the items from an online home improvements supplier, and enlist the help of the local plumber, and with his expertise and your improving DIY skills, your basement guest room will soon have an en-suite bathroom.

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