Zuri Baby Couture: The Instant Fashion Shop for Babies and Toddlers + Giveaway!

It's always nice to have a daughter whom you could dress up. Well, I'm not saying that having a boy isn't nice. I have a baby too! It's just a totally different thing when we are taking care of a girl because we would think about their shoes, hairbow, accessories, bags, and all!

To be honest, having a daughter is indeed like having a real and alive baby doll. I just enjoy buying clothes and making accessories and hairbows for her too. We also wear matching clothes from time to time because twinning is fun!

My daughter is now 7 years old and we still buy a lot of kikay stuff for her. The only difference is that she gets to choose what she wants now unlike when she was a baby when I can put on anything I want as long as it looks cute- and comfy!

Zuri Baby Couture Fashion Shop

I'm currently pregnant with another baby girl and I'm so excited to dress her up! We are expecting to welcome another daughter next month. Of course, in preparation for that, we are in the lookout for clothes and other baby stuff.

I'm just so blessed that I found Zuri Baby Couture where I got two sets of beautiful clothes for my baby! Aside from their beautiful designs, they are high quality and both come with cute baby booties. I always love boots even for my eldest daughter. For sure, booties would look great on my baby too.

About Zuri Baby Couture

The company sells premium quality clothes, shoes and accessories for babies and toddlers. They have a variety of sets that you can choose from. If you think they are only selling clothes for baby girls, you are totally wrong. They have some onesies and shoes for baby boys too!

Apart from their online shop, they also aim to gather mommy communities all over the country with its well-loved promotions which include social media engagements, monthly contests, weekly giveaways, and sales activities.

All their products are well-planned based on the personality of our little ones. They also use quality and fine materials like hypoallergenic elastic bands and soft fabrics. These are all perfect for our baby's sensitive skin.

Zuri Baby Couture Baby Fashion

The company is owned by a Filipina and a mommy, Hershey Morgan who is also the creative chief director of Zuri Baby Couture. It began in 2013 when she had her baby.

Good news to moms in other areas around the globe! THey ship internationally since it is under the fashion house of Genesis Logistics Marketing and Technologies Pte Ltd. They also have branches in United Kingdom, Indonesia, Malaysia, and France. Their manufacturing team is based in Manila and Jakarta.

My Lovely Sets

I was given the opportunity to choose which products I'd love to review. With the help of my daughter, we choose the Don't Take Your Yosemite for Granite and the Velvet Teddy set. Since we love booties, we opt for the ones that come with it.

However, there are a variety of sets available on the website. There are tutu sets, onesies, and many more! If you are looking for barefoot sandals for your baby, these are available with a matching hairbow.

Zuri Baby Couture dress set

The dress is nicely made with a design that would be perfect for our little loves. The design is not too girly and not too simple. This is great so that she can wear it on any occasion or even just for her OOTD. Its fabric is soft and it feels comfy which means that my soon-to-be daughter will not feel hot or uneasy while wearing it.

Zuri Baby Couture hairbow

The hair bows are so cute with flowers that match the booties! I can just imagine how lovely these would look like when it is worn by my baby. Imagine that tiny head with soft little hairs accentuated by these stunning hairbows!

Zuri Baby Couture booties

And now my favorite of all- the booties! Of course, these are not for walking but it would definitely look adorable on my baby. It matches with the hairbow and it looks really nice with the dresses too. Another good thing about these booties is that you can pair it with onesies and other OOTDs.

If you want to take a look at other sets from Zuri Baby Couture, head over to their website and you will surely find it hard to resist the urge of buying one because everything is so cute!

Zuri Baby Couture

Excellent Customer Service and User-Friendly Website

Another good thing about Zuri Baby Couture is their great customer service and easy to access the website. Their customer service personnel can answer your questions via web live chat. They also have a wide range of payment options which includes bank deposits, money remittances, credit card, PayPal, Dragon Pay, and even CODs. They also offer free shipping and you can avail of discounts especially when you buy their sets!

You will definitely love browsing their website because aside from the pretty products, they also have a user-friendly website. You can simply choose the category you want by product type or sizes. You can also easily access their discounted items and featured products.

If you want to get regular updates on Zuri Couture's new products, promos and more, you can download their app from Google Play or the App Store for Apple users.

Zuri Baby Couture Giveaway

Zuri Baby Couture giveaway

Since Zuri Baby Couture and Mommy K's Pink Heart String loves you, we have a giveaway for one lucky mama! The winner will get a PhP 1,000 worth of baby items from their shop. All you have to do is follow the guidelines below:

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4. Share this image on Facebook or repost the giveaway image on Instagram. 
Use #MommyKPHSGiveaway #ZuriBabyCouturePHS as your hashtag. Please make sure that your post is public so we can easily track your entries.

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6. You can also get another entry by sharing this blogpost: http://bit.ly/zuribabycouturereview Comment your name and email address after sharing.

So, what are you waiting for? Join now! Giveaway ends on March 25.


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