Have Musical Fun with Your Grandkids Using Apps

Having young ones around can be a great blessing. As a grandparent of three, I should know. At the same time, they can be a handful. Dealing with these little frogs leaping around your house, letting their imagination run wild, can be tricky business.

Luckily enough, I have found that music helps a lot. Nothing grabs their attention like a fun song and, even if they'd hate to admit it, classical music calms them down and makes them more attentive. Teaching your grandchildren to love music can indeed save them (and yourself) a lot of trouble!

Help your young ones fall in love with music at an early age

The earlier you start, the better. I know getting my little ones hooked on music probably saved me from a lot more chaos and mayhem than I'd like to think of. They were genuinely young - practically toddlers - when I started noticing that certain songs had a positive effect on them. I thought to myself - why not use this as a weapon against naughty behavior?

I armed myself with some movement songs for elementary school kids and also helped them learn action songs lyrics to train their memory. As they grew, things only started getting better. Music art projects for elementary school children can prove particularly useful for young ones with an obvious creative flair. These music activities for older kids really helped them become the bright young things they are now.

Musically educate your grandchildren

Often, the songs they'd hear on TV would be enough. Sometimes, however, the lyrics are simply too explicit for such young ears. This is why I took the matter into my own hands and made sure that they focus on age-appropriate children's music songs. Later on, as teenagers, they are bound to listen to an awful lot of terrible music anyway!

Today, children's music is an enormous sea of possibilities and I was able to find plenty to keep them amused. The children's music network blog has also been of tremendous help, along with a few other apps, and nooks and crannies of the internet where I have found excellent children's music albums.

Listen to the radio together

Streaming services and apps that played engaging and free kids music also helped instill my grandchildren with the love of music. You'd be surprised knowing how many kid-friendly radio stations are out there. Kidz Bop Radio online and Children's Radio BBC is only the most famous. There are plenty of others and you and your little ones should definitely give them a try! I found an amazing list of apps that can help with this - and so much more.

Best Apps to Entertain Kids for Hours with Music

With these smartphone apps and a bit of work, my young ones have become so much more attentive and have expanded their horizons (musical and otherwise) more than I ever expected from children of their age.


Modern technology is your friend when it comes to teaching your grandchildren to love music. Streaming apps, radio stations, and fun little games have helped me tremendously in getting these three I have here into all different kinds of music. They love to dance and my eldest granddaughter even wants to play the piano! As they grow older, their enthusiasm for exploring and buying new music is bound to keep them away from wasting their money on things that are bad for their health! So I think I've done some good.

Disclosure: This article is a guest post written by a grandmother with three grandchildren.

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