Plumbing: How to Recognize an Exceptional Plumber

While we sincerely hope that you don’t need plumbing services on a regular basis, we also wish that you can count on a #1 plumbing company in your time of need. Here are a few tips to help you find the one just right for you.

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Leverage Your Network

As you would probably do in any similar situation, start by asking around to know who or which company your neighbors and friends utilize for their pipes requirements. Referrals constitute an essential of the life of the majority of businesses, therefore if someone you know believes that a plumber is reputable, or whether one firm is recommended many times in a row, this individual or firm is probably worthy of your trust. 

If you don’t have relatives and friends that are able to suggest you a plumbing company, search for a building contractor to ask them who they would recommend. They’ll give you a peace of their mind about who you can trust and who you should avoid like the plague.

Get to Work

Asking around is all good and well, but it isn’t a substitute for you doing your due diligence. You need to discover what kinds of plumbing licenses and requirements are demanded by regulatory bodies where you live to make sure that the plumber you will choose exceeds or at least meets these requirements. 

Don’t get fooled by smooth talkers trying to explain to you why they don’t need this license or that permit to work on your house: a requirement is not a matter of opinion, and a so-called professional who feels he’s above the law is not worth doing business with.


Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Tough Questions

Once you’ve drafted a list of suitable plumbers, you need to also write down a list of questions to ask, which should cover their insurance, licenses, warranties, years of experience, etc. If you ask a lot of questions to a possible plumber, you’ll have very few unpleasant surprises at the end of the day. 

In the event, you decide to deal with a single plumber (not with a business), select a person who has been operating for at least five to ten years. Ask him whether he has a replica of his license with him and a proof that he’s insured, so it's possible to assess that he has the relevant qualifications and experience.

Also, in case of anything goes wrong, a plumber is supposed to take a minimum of half a million dollars liability insurance in addition to a workman's compensation coverage. Depending on the plumber, he may charge by the job or at the hour, and that can immediately have an effect on your bill depending on the level of complexity of the job

It won't damage to get four or three quotes in order to see what is a part of each them: if a significant part of the expenses that are presented to you includes arbitrary"costs" with elaborate names you can't blame to some particular instrument or enter, it could possibly be a symptom the plumber or even the provider is unethical. Your finances may determine how much you can cover, and knowing that which you can afford and a scale of fees may help you correctly organize.

How to Recognize an Exceptional Plumber

Take No One’s Word

As you should do before any business transaction, ask to check your plumber’s contract, and that’s before committing yourself to anything, and make sure you get a proper written quote. In an ideal world, the estimate is supposed to highlight details like tasks and supplies needed to do the job. 

Another thing that a good plumber would never do is work for unreasonably low compensation. Don’t go for the lowest bid assuming it’s always a bargain. If you’re not ready to pay for good work, you’ll pay less but for a bad one. A plumber’s rates ought to be competitive and fair, so don’t try to get your plumber to accept a ridiculous price. Chances are you’ll regret it if he accepts.

If you think that paying for a good plumber is not worth it, try paying for a bad one and the aftermath of his visit. Get it done right the first time by dealing with an exceptional plumber.

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