Meet Your Perfect Match with the Best Dating Apps on the Market

Finding your perfect person isn’t always an easy experience. In fact, everyone is so busy these days, it can be nearly impossible to meet someone you’re interested in naturally in person. Dating apps have made the entire process so much easier, but - and it’s a pretty big BUT - there are so many out there now that it can be tough to sort the good from the bad.

We tried it the “old school” way with a simple Google search, but sifting through all the results was looking pretty impossible. In fact, we almost gave up on this entire post altogether, and then we discovered an article that changed everything. There’s a website called AppGrooves that has a list of the best 10 apps within the senior dating category.

Best Dating Apps

Best 10 Apps for Senior Dating

So, of course, we knew we had to jump right in to determine if these really were the best. We were honestly a little shook to find out that, yes, they ARE! After using them for a little while, we knew we needed to share these with you, lovely readers, ASAP.

Badoo - Rating: 4.3, Downloads: 100M

When it comes to dating for those above the age of forty, Badoo is a good choice because it promotes a safe dating environment. Every user has to go through a strict verification process before they’re even allowed to use the service, so you know you’re not messing with any scammers. Plus, there are more than 400 million verified users, so you’ll quickly be able to find someone in your desired age range.

Of course, if this happens to be your first time using Badoo, you will have to go through the verification process before you can use the app, so make sure you set aside some time before you start making matches.

Pros: Good for older users, a safe dating environment because verification eliminates scammers

Cons: The verification process can take a bit of time to complete
Overall: As long as you set aside a little bit of time before your first use of the app, you’ll love how safe and fun the dating process is on Badoo

POF Free Dating App - Rating: 4.0, Downloads: 50M

POF is another great choice because you can exchange unlimited text messages with other users at no extra cost to your wallet - a perk that not a lot of dating apps offer these days. Not to mention, you can sort and filter profiles that you've matched with to really narrow down the people you’re interested in. And, if you’re a little bit nervous to get started, you have the ability to quote any part of their profile to kick-start the conversation.

It’s true that user profiles must be approved by POF before they can be used the service; however, that doesn’t stop all of the hackers and scammers from getting through. Trust your own judgment - if something feels fishy (no pun intended!) then drop them quickly and move on to the next person; there are so many users, you’ll never run out of potential next dates.

Pros: Unlimited texting, ability to quote people’s profiles, filter your matches
Cons: Not 100% protected from scammers
Overall: As long as you pay attention and report anyone who is giving you a bad feeling, you’ll have a great time sorting through your multitudes of matches using POF

Best Dating Apps on the Market

Bumble - Rating: 4.0, Downloads: 10M

Finally, Bumble is one of our top picks because of how great it is for women. It’s like our prayers have been answered - there are no more unwanted dating requests because ladies get to make the first move! And, it’s totally cool if you're not interested in dating. There are different matchmaking options if you’re someone who is only interested in making friends or finding new connections to boost your career.

Your connections will disappear if you haven’t messaged someone you match with after a certain amount of time, so make sure that if you’re interested in someone, you send them a message before you get cut off.

Pros: Multiple matchmaking options for making friends and work connections, women chat first
Cons: Matches will disappear after a while of inactivity
Overall: As long as you don’t mind making the first move (and quickly), you’ll love the freedom this app gives you to chat with all kinds of people - even those you don’t have a romantic interest in.


After trying these apps out for a few weeks, we’re sure they’re top quality. If you are interested in getting on the digital dating market - regardless of how old you are or how much experience you have with dating apps - these are definitely a great route to go. We’re confident you’ll have a blast meeting new people and finding your one true person using these stellar apps.

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