McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 2019: Ugly Dolls

To be honest, I am not familiar with Ugly Dolls but I heard my daughter talking about it. When I saw the McDonalds Happy Meal Toys, I wonder what these white crazy looking toys are. But I didn't mind. I just need to bring home one because my kids always collect whatever Happy Meal Toys are available.

mcdonalds happy meal toys

When I got home, my daughter was so happy because she said these are Ugly Dolls. I searched on the internet what this is and I love the storyline! We can't wait to watch the full movie! But I'm not sure if I'm physically ready to go to the cinema after what I went through.

Anyway, these McDonalds Happy Meal Toys featuring the Ugly Dolls are so cute! I know they look a little weird but the DIY box that turns into their homes or stalls or business establishments whatever are so nice! This actually reminds me of Lalaloopsies. In fact, you can play with your Lalas and LOL dolls with these.

mcdonalds happy meal toys ugly dolls

What's Inside

One Happy Meal box contains 1 Ugly Doll figurine, 1 colored pencil, one box, stickers, and of course the detachable papers that you need to complete the DIY house or whatever you call it. LOL.

ugly dolls toys

How It Works

The Ugly Doll figurines can be colored using the pencils. Each colored pencil comes in different colors. For instance, the pencil of Lucky Bat has red and blue colors in it because his nose is blue and his body is red. Yup, you get two colors for one pencil! If you want to be creative, you can actually color it using both the blue and red sides.

So this explains why the Ugly Doll toys are white.

Aside from that, you can assemble their homes. It's a DIY toy which is very good for the kids. As usual, you can find the instructions on how to make it on the toy's package as seen below.

ugly dolls toys mcdonalds

After putting the parts together, you can add the stickers in whatever way you want to. This is another good thing about the toy because it will encourage creativity in the children.

Why We Love the Ugly Dolls McDonalds Happy Meal Toys

We always buy whatever toy is available in McDonalds. And we have to admit that other toys are merely for display but this one, it is something that can help our kids develop their creativity.

mcdonalds toys

Merely coloring the figurines is a good way to encourage them to focus on doing something. Let them assemble the houses too so they can learn to follow instructions. You will see them beam joy once it is done. Let them add the stickers as well.  And of course, don't forget to commend them for a job well done!

And oh, they can also color the back part of the boxes. That's another activity that they can do with this toy.

This DIY toy will also help them to spend a few minutes without their phones. It is also a good bonding activity between you and your kids because you would need to assist them if they need it.

mcdonalds happy meal toys ugly dolls

Because I love the designs of the houses, I displayed them. As always, we also want to complete these Ugly Dolls from McDonalds.

I hope McDonalds will continue making Happy Meal toys like this!

So, there are 10 available designs that you can choose from. Here's an image I got from the Happy Meal Philippines Facebook page:
  • Moxy’s Newspaper Stand  
  • Ox’s Party Shop
  • Ugly Pet’s Pet Shop 
  • Lucky Bat’s Tea Shop
  • Wage’s Bakery
  • Bobo’s Art & Craft Shop
  • Ice-Bat’s Ice Rink
  • Wedgehead’s Bank
ugly dolls mcdonalds

These are so cute, right? We have been collecting McDonald's Happy Meal toys and I just realized that I can actually blog about it and share to you a brief review. I'll be sharing more of their toys in future blog posts.

Do you have one of these DIY Ugly Dolls toys? What can you say?

Watch my daughter's review of these happy meal toys:

You can also buy Ugly Dolls stuffed toys on Amazon!

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  1. naku mommy di rin ako familiar heheh pero ang kids ko kasi madalas nag cocollect ng toys from mcdo too. Ang fun pala niyan noh? magandang activity din yan kay kids..