Ready to Repair Your Own Roof? 3 Risks That May Make You Reconsider

Roof repairs are not as easy as they sound, yet many homeowners attempt to DIY the repairs to save as much money as possible. While some homeowners may be able to repair their own roof, there are many risks they should consider before they attempt it. Some of the top risks a homeowner faces will include incorrect installation, safety issues, and a denied insurance claim in the future.

Ready to Repair Your Own Roof? 3 Risks That May Make You Reconsider

Incorrect Installation Leading to Further Issues

The repair of a roof may seem simple enough at the outset, but there are a lot of nuances and differences between brands that homeowners may not be aware of when they’re installing shingles. If the right tools aren’t used, the right application isn’t done, or there are any mistakes made during the roof repair, it’s possible the roof will fail.

Homeowners often won’t even realize they made a mistake until the next heavy rain when water starts dripping into their home or they notice shingles have come off the roof. Instead, it’s always a better idea to look into roofing options and have an expert perform the repair properly. They have the training, experience, and tools to make sure the job gets done right the first time.

Safety Issues

The list of potential safety issues with DIY roof repair is incredibly long. Even with a one-story house, the homeowner is on top of the home trying to work on repairs. There could be hidden damage under the shingles, causing the homeowner to fall into the home while they’re working on the roof. It’s possible the homeowner will slide or fall off the roof, causing serious injuries.

Other potential safety issues are not being familiar with how to use the tools safely, tool injury due to slipping while on the roof, heat-related health issues, and back injuries from lifting and carrying heavy materials. Experts have the right experience, tools, and safety training to minimize the risk of an injury during a roofing project. Plus, they are covered by their own insurance company if any medical issues do arise during the roof repair.

risks for roof repair

Denied Insurance Claim

Insurance won’t pay out for roof damage, so a homeowner decides to do it on their own to save some money. Even if everything goes right and the roof is successfully repaired, it may have structural or other issues down the road due to storm damage and need to be repaired again. Insurance companies at this point may deny the claim because the homeowner did the initial repairs on their own.

Though the homeowner might have done the repair right, they are not certified to work on a roof. Plus, it’s difficult for homeowners to show their earlier repair didn’t contribute to the current issue. When expert roofers work on the repairs, the insurance company is more willing to pay out for future roof damage, depending on the reason for it.

While a roof might look simple enough to repair, the reality is that homeowners can make a lot of mistakes because they don’t have experience with this type of repair. Instead of risking further damage, emergency medical issues, or a denied insurance claim, homeowners should always make sure they have an expert handle the installation or repair of their roof.

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