Top Family Tracker Apps that Will Keep Your Loved Ones Close

Technology is a man's best friend. Whoever penned down this phrase is Zen percent right as technology has become the thread to bind the modern families.

Being a part of the urban society, one thing which we struggle with is to be in constant touch with our loved ones. But with the help of Family Tracker Apps, knowing the whereabouts of your loved ones has become easy. Tracker apps have become the knight and shining armor for the working parents to keep track of their child's location.

Top Family Tracker Apps that Will Keep Your Loved Ones Close
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Are family tracker apps the need of the hour?

With the increase in the house and work responsibilities, taking time out of your jam-packed schedule can be overwhelming. To put an end to the challenges modern parents face, tracking apps and devices are used. The tracking apps inform you about not only the location of your loved ones but also what they are doing and the people accompanying them. In this way, the tracking apps help in keeping your children and loved ones away from potential dangers. Some of the tracking apps that are a must-have for modern families include:

Findmykids: Even the thought of losing your child can send chills down your spine. Where are my children is the app that will release the stress of parents by keeping them well aware of their child's location. You only have to install the app on your phone and receive notification about the child's location.

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If your child is in danger, by pressing the emergency button you will receive notification and GPS tracking will show the live location. The application also records any sound near the vicinity of your child's phone. The tracking app also notifies when the child leaves the designated zone or enters the spot they ought to be. The app is user-friendly and is compatible with Android and iOS platforms.

Life360 Family Locator: The tracking app is meant for the entire family. The app not only informs parents about child’s location but kids can also view their parent’s location. In this way, the app connects the family members with each other. The app is free and easy to use. The app shares the live location of the kids. This means it moves along with your child and helps you to track down the location on the map.

GPSWOX Family Locator: The family tracking app helps you to see the live location of your loved ones along with the preview of the 30 days history. The app also sends alerts when the battery of your loved ones runs low on charge and even if they cross the speed limit while driving. You can also send messages to all the family members at once. With the app, you can also set reminders and create family challenges to keep your family members well connected.

FamiSafe: The app allows you to know about the whereabouts of your loved ones without interrupting them during their work hours. The app comes with location tracking, app blocking, web filtering, screen time control features. You can download the app from Google play store and the App store.

Top Family Tracker Apps
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The above-listed Family Tracker apps will help you to stay in touch with your loved ones. Apart from these apps, there are some GPS tracking gadgets that you can use to share and view the location of your family members.

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