How to Find the Best Place and New Owner to Sell Your Luxury Car

When the excitement of owning that luxury car such as a Ferrari wears off, it is not always easy to sell it for a good price. Where can a car owner go to get the price they want for their car? It does not matter whether a person wants to go back to a less expensive, yet dependable car or on to a newer luxury car. Getting a fair price for the existing car is important.

Where Do People Sell Cars for Top Dollar?

It is not always the best idea to use the car as a trade in at the car dealership. The car dealership is interested in getting the most for the new car and paying the least for the trade in. It may be necessary to visit multiple dealers and compare their offers to get the best trade in price. But, is that the best price you can get?

You may consider selling that Ferrari or another luxury car online. This will involve setting up your site with photographs and a written description of the car. You may use several car selling sites and pay for each one. Then, you will need to handle e-mails and phone calls from strangers who may turn out to be tire kickers not really interested in buying the car.

In addition to wasting a lot of your time, some of these strangers may be dangerous. And, how do you handle test drives? Will the prospective customer bring back the car? Do you go with them on the drive, and will you be safe? Then, when it comes time to get paid, more problems can come up. The buyer may not have enough funds to pay for the car. A customer’s check may bounce. Wasted time or loss of money may result.

Tips for Selling Your Car Online

If you really want to sell your car online, make sure you price it correctly and know the car so you can answer buyer’s questions. Advertise it in the best places with good terms. Write a compelling ad with all the car information a buyer is looking for. Clean out the car and get it in perfect showing condition. Use sites that allow you to post the most photos of the car. Have all the paperwork together.

Once you have potential buyers, meet them in a public place, not your home. Consider bringing a friend with. Take steps to make sure they will return the car if they test drive it or insist on riding with them. Once the car is sold, take down all your ads and cancel the car insurance.

A Better Car Selling Solution

Before trading in your car or selling it online, it may be advantageous to get a quote from You might want to first get quotes from a couple car dealerships, then contact this online car buyer for their quote. The process is fairly simple and can be accomplished from the comfort of your home.

1. Go to the site and fill in the model, make, VIN, and mileage for your luxury car. You can include photographs of the car along with a written description of the car including options, damage, and accessories.

2. Wait a few minutes for a competitive cash offer. The company appraisal team looks at the most current conditions on the luxury car market to make a fair offer.

3. If you are happy with the offer and decide to accept it, the purchase process will start. They may use a company such as DocuSign for the paperwork and will require you to send required sale documents to them. When they receive all the signed documents, they will pay for the car in cash.

4. After receiving the payment, you will arrange for them to pick up your car. There probably won’t be any cost to you.

Tips for Selling Your Car

If you want to sell your car on your own, there are strategies that can ensure you a better price. Successfully selling your own car involves more work than trading it in. You will need to be willing to advertise the car, take the phone calls or e-mails, and show the car to prospective customers. Then, you will need to handle the actual sale, collect the money, and take care of the paperwork.

You Need to Set A Realistic Price

Get an idea of the car value by checking out car model prices at and look at the CR Used Car Marketplace to see similar car listings in your community. You should also check with local dealers to see what your car’s trad- in value would be. After comparing price listings, set a price within those ranges and slightly higher than you are willing to take. This allows room for negotiation.

Advertise for Success

Use several methods of advertising including word of mouth, online classifieds, daily newspaper ads, weekly shopper ads, and put a for sale sign in the car window. There are costs for ads online and in papers.

Show the Car Safely

Once all the advertising is in place, calls or e-mails will start coming. Buyers will want to see the car and take a test drive. Have service receipts and other papers available. Accompany the prospective customer on all test drives or to independent mechanics.

To stay safe while in the process of selling a car, vet the customers and have them send you a photograph of themselves and identifying information. Check them out. Then, give a copy of the information to a trusted friend or relative along with the time of the test drive. Only allow one person besides you in the car.


Before you start showing the car, have all the paperwork available. This might include the certificate of title, title transfer forms, loan forms, and a bill of sale. Contact your state’s DMV for their requirements for transferring ownership of a vehicle. Get the full price in a safe form, not a personal check.

Consider the different car sales choices and use the one that is best for you. Some people are great at selling their own vehicles, while others are not comfortable dealing with strangers. The ideal outcome is to sell your car for the best price in a way that is safe and comfortable for you.

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