3 Key Things to Look for When Purchasing a Bean Bag

Bean bag chairs are casual, comfortable, and fun, making them perfect furnishings for many dens, bedrooms, dorms, and other spaces. There are now quite a few companies that manufacture and sell bean bags which are meant for use as furniture.

Given that fact, it can take a bit of effort to figure out which bean bag will suit a buyer's needs the best. There are three especially important things that it always pays to look into when shopping for a new bean bag chair.

Purchasing a Bean Bag

Taking the Modern Bean Bag to the Next Level

Consumers in the United States alone now spend more than $100 billion on new furniture annually. As one manufacturer's Lovesac comparison shows, the bean bag segment of that market has become an especially competitive, dynamic one.

Buyers today are confronted with many choices when they start shopping for bean bags to add to their own living spaces. Over the course of the half-century since the modern bean bag chair was invented, quality levels have been rising right along with the number of available options.
In practice, though, there are a few issues that almost always end up mattering the most to the average bean bag buyer. The three areas it generally pays to focus on first when shopping for bean bags are:

Materials. A bean bag chair can be made from materials as humble as burlap and natural, dried beans. Most of the best-selling products on the market, though, incorporate materials that are better suited to enduring heavy use while providing plenty of comfort. When it comes to coverings, synthetic cloth tends to combine impressive resistance to wear with welcome ease of maintenance. The same sorts of cloth that hold up so well to regular usage are also available in a wide variety of comfort-enhancing finishes. Synthetic fillings like foam also perform better, in general, than the rustic beans that originally gave this type of furniture its name.

3 Key Things to Look for When Purchasing a Bean Bag

• Sizes. It is possible today to buy a bean bag that is large enough to hold several adults comfortably, if cozily. On the other end of the scale are plenty of smaller products that can turn the empty corner of a room into the perfect resting spot for small children. Generally speaking, being able to choose a bean bag with dimensions that will fit a designated space well will make owning the product more satisfying and enjoyable. Some manufacturers produce only a couple of different sizes of bean bags, while others have several times as many to choose from.

• Warranty. A well-made bean bag chair should provide years of service without failing. High-quality bean bags often come with lengthy warranties that reflect their manufacturers' confidence in their products. In addition to the term of coverage, bean bag warranties also vary with regard to the recourse they enable. A warranty that will allow for the replacement of a faulty bean bag will almost always be preferable to a less-accommodating alternative.

A Bean Bag to Own and Enjoy for Many Years

These three issues tend to be the most important of all when it comes to determining the ownership experience enabled by any bean bag. Focusing on these three areas should make it easy to narrow down the number of options quite quickly. Buyers who make the effort will inevitably find that their bean bag purchases will prove satisfying and appropriate.

Things to Look for When Purchasing a Bean Bag

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