Where to Buy Buwan ng Wika Costumes for Your Kids

It's Buwan ng Wika (National Language Month) once again. Every August, the Philippines, which is comprised of 7,107 islands, celebrate the wonderful gift of different local languages. But despite the diversity, we are bonded as one by our national language, Tagalog or Filipino.

Schools, both private and public, spearheads various activities in line with this event from poetry writing to speech choir competitions. Of course, the best part is when everyone gets to wear their favorite Filipino attire.

Because of the rich culture in the country, there are so many designs to choose from including Muslim and Igorot attire. The Filipiniana dress is a huge hit for girls because it gives them a modest yet elegant feeling of a Filipina. On the other hand, boys can wear the famous Barong Tagalog, adorned with various designs which mirror the benign yet bold attitude of the Filipinos.

 Are you still looking for shops to buy costumes for your kids? Here's where you can buy Buwan ng Wika costumes:

1. Calianna Vin Couture

Calianna Vin Couture

If you are in Cebu, you are in luck because you can rent or have your MTOs done by Calianna Vin Couture. With Mommy Christy Ana Singco-Belocura's magic touch, every costume she designs and creates are not only certified headturners but they will boost your kid's confidence. But if you want to order a costume from her, you have to book early. You can also check on hand costumes, which also sell like candies. There are so many Buwan ng Wika costume designs you can choose from including her bestseller Filipinia dresses which are intricately designed.

Calianna Vin Couture Buwan ng Wika

Because of her impressive designs, even Charo Santos of ABS-CBN bought her grandkid's costume from her for last year's Buwan ng Wika. Yes, buying from Calianna Vin Couture will definitely make you feel like a celebrity! You can also take a look at her other costume designs both for boys and girls.

Price range: P1,000 for simple Filipiniana dress, P1,000 up for modern barong and P2,500 up for more complicated designs complete with fan, headpiece, petticoat and umbrella.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/caliannavincouturecebu/

2. Yumi's Nook

Yumi's Nook

Your little girls will no doubt feel like a model once they are wearing Yumi's Nook's creations. Featured above is a red mermaid-cut gown inspired by Albert Andrada while the stunning creation below is inspired by the design of Edgar San Diego. Every gown has elaborate details which are perfect for your beloved little princesses.

Yumi's Nook costume

Each set comes with a headdress, umbrella, fan, and petticoat. This is perfect if your daughter is part of a competition in school. There's no doubt that she'll bring home the crown!

Price range: Made to order Filipiniana starts at P 2,500

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/yumisnookfanpage/

3. Fantastic Costume Boutique

Fantastic Costume Boutique

We all know that we can buy anything and everything from Divisoria. Of course, you can find beautiful Buwan ng Wika costumes here from Baro't Saya to Filipiniana Dresses. There are also Barong Tagalog and even Igorot costumes for boys.

If you want to see more designs, you can find their store at J-1 D8 Mall, Divisoria or visit their Facebook page. You'll definitely find a bunch of nice costumes there!

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Fantasy-Costume-Boutique-D8-Mall-J-1-ground-floor-Divisoria-Manila-1017117155002337/

4. K&A Shoppe

K&A Shoppe

If you want a customized Buwan ng Wika attire, K&A Shoppe can make one for you! Most of their costume designs are from the clients and it is their job to create the design. Owned by Kristela Felix, she makes lovely costumes not just for this event but for any occasions. You'll love her attention to detail and creativity,which can be reflected in her masterpieces. Costumes include accessories like headdress, umbrella, and petticoat.

Rentals are allowed within Quezon City with a deposit of P1,000 on top of the rental fee. But this amount is refundable upon returning the item without any damage or stain.

Price range: 1200 up depends on the design

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/KandAShoppe/

5. Aizshoppe Costumes

Aizshoppe Costumes

Are you looking for affordable Buwan ng Wika costume? Aizshoppe got you covered. They have a wide range of ready to wear costumes from baro at saya to Igorot attire. You can also give your daughter the regal experience of being a Muslim princess or let your sons feel a gush of strength and power by dressing as General Luna or Emilio Aguinaldo.

Aizshoppe costume

Whatever you need, you'll definitely find that from Aizshoppe! They even have costumes for adults as well, which is perfect for teachers or government employees who are required to wear one this month.

Price Range: P300 to P2,500 depending on size

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/aizshoppecostumes/

These are lovely, right? Now that you know where to buy Buwan ng Wika costumes, you won't have any problems finding a lovely attire for your kids this month and the next years to come. Don't forget to like the pages of the shops above or you can bookmark this post for future references.

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