Surviving Home Renovation with Kids (in One Piece!)

Juggling between a home remodeling project and the needs of your family can be tough. With so many things to consider and numerous decisions to make, it may seem impossible to finish your project and keep your sanity in the process.

Although it’s true that you may encounter a few bumps in the road, it’s possible to find calm in the chaos that home remodeling can be. Here are a couple of tips on how to survive home remodeling with kids and make your designs a reality.

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Make lists for a successful project management

When it comes to home remodeling, there are so many details to remember that it’s easy for some minor ones to slip your mind. That’s when lists come in handy – they contain all the details and specifications that need to be considered during the building process, which makes them the essential organizing tool for successful project management.

Go the extra mile and provide additional information about certain design elements to eliminate any potential misunderstandings. To make sure that all the builders are on the same page, create multiple copies of the detailed list so that all of them are acquainted with your requests.

Choose reliable and experienced contractors

Home Renovation with Kids

As far as the contractors are concerned, it’s best to choose the ones who have experience working with families because they’ll be able to predict your needs and act accordingly. Good contractors will child-proof the area they’re working in and ensure the safety of little ones running around.

 And as much as it may be tempting to do some of the work yourself to save some money, not all home improvement projects are DIY-able. While you may give a helping hand in some projects, messing around with serious work such as electricity is not only dangerous but also illegal in places like Australia. That is why homeowners there choose to contact a reliable Sydney electrician to tackle the electrical work and ensure everything is installed properly.

Take it easy – tackle one room at a time

If you’ve got kids, full-scale home remodeling may not be the best decision. Room remodeling itself requires a lot of thorough planning and attention to details, so it’s best to take one step at a time and remodel room by room. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects are known to bring the biggest return on investment, so you might want to consider those two projects should you ever decide to sell your house.

On the other hand, master bedroom addition or a bedroom-to-office conversion are two costly home upgrades that won’t help you recoup the money you invest. Whichever choice you make, be sure to tackle one room at a time instead of overburdening yourself with multiple tasks.

Design a space that works for you

Designing a space that is functional should be one of your top priorities when tackling any home remodeling project. As we grow older, our needs and wants change, and what has once worked for us doesn’t necessarily mean it should stay that way.

If your home feels cluttered and there never seems to be enough room to fit everything, that might be a sign that you need to incorporate more storage into your living space. Storage is especially important for smaller spaces, so be sure to install extra shelving or cupboards where needed, and go for multipurpose furniture to free up some space and improve the functionality of your living space.

Involve your children in the process

Surviving Home Reno with Kids

Home remodeling is a big decision, and you need to talk to your kids about it early on, long before the remodeling projects take place. After all, once the construction crew shows up at your place and starts with the project, it’ll affect your kids’ everyday routines, so let them know about your plans in advance.

Also, don’t let them be passive observers – they can also make some minor decisions about their home and feel like valued members of a team. If you’re remodeling their bedrooms, involve the kids in the process by letting them choose the color scheme they like and having them pick out the items for their room.

Both exhausting and exciting, home remodeling projects are processes that are often full of ups and downs and come with a number of challenges. However, when carefully planned out, remodeling projects can be well worth the investment – sometimes so much that you’ll find yourself planning your next remodeling project in no time...

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