Fiery Style Alabang West Parade: Just When You Deserve Great Food and Chill

When you've had a productive, tiring week you'd oftentimes wish you get to reward yourself with something. As for me, my family and a great circle of friends, the best reward would be great food and music to relax becomes a plus.

Actually, even when you've only thought of going somewhere to chill and enjoy great food just because you wanted to particularly in this side of the South of Manila, you ought to know there's a perfect place for you. Fiery Style located at Alabang West Parade is now open to serve everyone!

We've had our fill of rewarding ourselves (*wink!) amidst the busy Saturday streets in the South having visited Fiery Style which just actually adjacent to Landers. It's so easy to find especially with the kind of structure that's a head-turner.

So let's take you with us through photos and our tex-mex experience at the Fiery Style Alabang West Parade and get to know our faves from food to drinks including cocktails.

THE FIERY NACHOS. One of the best-sellers having been tagged as the best nachos in town is only priced Php 388. Apart from the mixture of colors making it look really tasty - it generously contains corn and potato chips with nacho cheese, guacamole, perfect tomato salsa, the Mexican chili beef and so much more. Something your tastebuds won't say no to for a starter.

THE TERRIFIC TACOS. They offer eight (8) varieties of fillings with price ranging from Php 198 - Php 358. We were able to try the Mexican Chili Beef (Php278) on Corn-Filled Taco shells with shredded lettuce, refried beams. salsa and sour cream.

THE CHEESY QUESADILLA. With your choice of Salsa, the cheesy and crispy quesadilla with of course Mexican Cheese, special Ranchero Sauce, Shredded Lettuce also served with guacamole and sour cream is priced from Php378-Php498. We chose to have the Beef Brisket and Grilled Jalapeno with lime Chicken. The Beef Brisket filling was actually my top favorite. I probably have eaten three! (lol).

They also offer other Mexican Favorites including Bursting Burritos and Chimichangas plus their Modern Mexican Specials including Burgerritos (Php 228), Quesadogas (Php 198), Quesadilla Burger (Php 218) and Quesario (Php 238). I know there’s so much more to try!

THE LORD OF THE WINGS. One of their Sharers is this must-try. With 24 pieces of flavorful fiery chicken wings, your Php 1,198 is definitely worth it. Apart from it being "Instagrammable", it won't disappoint your taste buds at all. There are 8 of these different flavors all in one:

- Hot Hot Hot Sauce & Jalapenos
- Nacho Cheese Sauce & Bacon
- Texan-Style BBQ

Since I love being challenged, my favorite is the Hot Hot Hot Sauce and Jalapenos. If you want to try challenging yourself with chicken wings, go ahead. (*wink!)

THE GALLEON GRILLS. When you ask for a Galleon of Food, you're getting that here. Their version of the Baja Supremo priced at Php988 is already good for 3 hungry foodies. But if you've had your fill with the starters, this may feed about 5 people. Anyway, the Baja Supremo is a seafood platter with spicy butter-garlic shrimps, yummy fried cream dory fingers, mouthwatering grilled salmon loin and not to miss the crispy salted egg calamari.

We also tried the Galleon of Bones priced at Php928. If you prefer a ship of meat, this would be your perfect choice. It includes BBQ Pork ribs, chicken wings, meaty pork and beef ribs that are either served with Southwest Chips, fiery rice, coleslaw, and the Texan-style BBQ Sauce to which will fill your heart's content.

The Galleon Grills, by the way, may be served by Supremo (2-3 persons) and the Ultimo (4-5 persons).

THE STEAK ALA FAMILIA. My top-favorite among the main dishes is the steak that doesn't fight with you but fights for you in terms of its competitiveness in taste. It's priced at Php1198 that's definitely worth the spending.

THE DESSERTS. We've chosen to try the FRESHLY BAKED SOFT BROWNIE ALA MODE (Php 258) with baked soft chocolate brownie served with vanilla ice cream and topped with crushed tortilla. Another perfect addition to our meal of grandeur is the SOUTHWEST CHURROS (Php 238) which is a classic recipe with an added twist. You may choose to have it served with either vanilla or chocolate ice cream.

THE DRINKS. A good start with their playful mix of drinks, we had the Cucumber Lime Mint Juice (Php88). And yes, that was just a start.

My friends couldn't resist the urge to try the Mango Southwest Margarita made with fresh mangoes mixed with lemon and lime and of course blended with tequila. It's initially priced Php178. If you want to go bottomless it will only cost you Php378. Not bad actually!

The Lychee Paloma (Php188) from the Fiery Paloma category was also a good choice. It's made of fresh lychee mixed with lemon, lime, and tequila blend as well. What's the catch? It's pretty spicy and that's why there's chili on decor to remind you. (*wink!)

One of the classic favorites is the Tequila Sunrise (Php188) which is one of the modern popular Mexican cocktails or perhaps a part of the International Cocktails they offer which is the Pina Colada (Php198).

The brain of this new tex-mex resto trend is Mr. Matt Tee who is described to be hands-on with the team despite it having been franchised by Mr. Mon Bautista in its Alabang West Parade location. According to Mr. Bautista, it was because of Mr. Tee’s passion for food and beverage particularly tex-mex that made him venture into this kind of business.

Mr. Mon Bautista, Fiery Style Franchisee for Alabang West Parade Branch.

So to the people in the South of Manila particularly Alabang and Las Pinas and to those who get stuck in traffic around this area, you already have a perfect go-to place to dine and chill. Music entertainment is available during weekends.

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