Small Changes With Big Impact That You Can Do to Your Home

Even on a budget, you can easily create a home interior that looks as if sourced from a luxury magazine or high-rolling home remodelling TV program. Use these simple tricks to make it look like you splurged a lot more than you did.

1. Each room is a blank slate

Think about the pre-existing features in your home you can highlight. Architectural details like crown moulding, wooden beams, hardwood floors, built-in bookshelves can become your points of interest but only if you don’t choke them with other expensive-looking features. Make them as prominent as possible, keep them clean and clutter-free.

2. Add crown moulding

Bridging the gap between the walls and the ceiling, crown moulding adds a finishing touch that looks both traditional and elegant. Like other architectural details, crown moulding is expected to be seen in upscale homes, however, it can be installed for very cheap, especially if the homeowner has basic DIY skills. Keep in mind, though, that highly decorative styles work better in larger rooms.

3. Install wainscoting

In the past, wainscoting was used for adding extra insulation to the wall, but nowadays it’s used for purely decorative proposes. It consists of wooden panelling that is installed on the bottom half of a wall and chair moulding. However, you can make it even less expensive by simply arranging pieces of chair rail on the wall in square or rectangle patterns and fix them using finishing nails.

4. Invest in furniture

While in other areas you’re welcome to look for cheap pieces that look expensive, when seating furniture is concerned, you want quality pieces that look awesome. However, it doesn’t mean you should empty half your budget for bespoke furniture with three-months waiting time. Look for handmade replicas of rewarded designs, such as the famous Jacobsen egg chair. Available in premium fabrics or full-grain leather, this iconic piece has marked mid-century Danish design.

5. Create built-in structures

Before you start tearing down a wall to fit in a bookshelf, remember that the key to making any piece look custom is to make it fit your home perfectly. You don’t have to make structural changes to achieve this, but rather extend the pieces from floor to ceiling. Two bookshelves that span the entire vertical wall plane look more expensive than two standalone bookshelves on the opposing walls.

6. Use gold spray paint

There’s no better way to add a touch of glamour to your room without spending a lot of money than gold spray paint. A single coat can make your accessories like trays, vases, and picture frames pop from bland to beautiful. If you want to make more impact, consider painting a shelving unit, side chair, or a mirror frame.

7. The rule of three

The rule states that things look better, funnier, and more satisfying if they come in groups of three. Anytime you want to create a display or hang multiple items, keep in mind the groupings of three just feel right. This, however, doesn't apply only to number three – it extends to all odd numbers. If you want to showcase multiple items, use numbers like 5, 7 or 9.

8. Display large scale art

Large-scale art pieces make a big impact, and as a result, make it look like you spend a fabulous amount of money. Large abstract paintings that span across the back of a sofa or bed, and to the ceiling, can grab the viewer's attention, overpowering the room in a good way. Large geometric and floral patterns tend to look better in this use than pictorial scenes, but you should choose what you think best suits your home.

9. Arrange fresh flowers

Fresh flowers can add any room an instant lift. They breathe life and add a powerful burst of colour. If you want your home to look more expensive for a special occasion, pick a large bouquet of strong deep colours. You don’t need to have a giant floral display in every room, but make sure your arrangements are not sparse.

From time to time, interior designers share a few secrets that give homeowners some ideas on how to make their home look expensive without breaking the bank. Use these tips whether applicable and enjoy your new budget-luxe d├ęcor.

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