Solar Design and Drafting: Why do You Need Engineers?

Countries are pushing for the adoption of sustainable energy solutions, and solar is at the forefront of the proposed solutions. In previous years, there were hurdles in the installation of solar power systems due to the exorbitant cost of the solar panels.

However, thanks to the widespread adoption of solar and the entry of different competitors into the industry, the costs of installation have gone down, and this is in part thanks to the engineers who have taken it upon themselves to avail their services to this growing industry.

Here are other reasons engineers are needed where solar design & drafting are concerned:

They Carry Out Research

Engineers are responsible for carrying out the research required to build efficient systems that harness the power of the sun effectively. Their research forms the backbone of refining panels and solar systems. This is particularly important in places where installation can be complicated, so they go and assess the needs to establish an installation plan.

Their research has helped to build more efficient solar panels. Solar panel efficiency had increased considerably from 6% in 1954 to well over 40% in 2018. Additionally, the work done by engineers has facilitated the eco-friendliness of the built panels. 90-97% of all decommissioned solar panels can be sold or recycled.

Solar Design and Drafting

They Design New Products

At times, the existing solar products might not be suitable for a particular project, and so a unique design needs to be developed. One of the most significant issues affecting those living in megacities is how to place solar panels on high rise buildings. This issue is an area for which solar engineers are working hard to come up with design solutions.

Other areas in which people use Solar Design and Drafting services are large-scale facilities that use considerable amounts of energy for their heating and cooling systems. Solar engineers are hard at work, trying to find ways to help reduce the energy consumption of these institutions and see how best renewable energy sources can be adopted instead.

They Test Solar Products

After the development of the new products, someone has to test them to ensure that they are working as they should and are suitable for the environment. Engineers face the responsibility of ensuring that these new solar products meet the requirements.

There are hosts of solar products available today, including solar keyboards, solar lamps, solar dryers, solar cookers, solar calculators, solar chargers and backpacks, solar balloons, and solar traffic lights. Before the approval of each of these products for retail sale, they are tested by engineers to make sure that they are safe enough to be distributed.

solar design engineers

They Design Solar Farms

Solar farms are areas that have specific designations for the widespread installation of solar panels. The biggest such solar farm in the U.S. is Solar Star, and it reportedly produces 579MW of power. And how big is this solar farm? It is four times the size of Central Park. This is not all, however, as there are more such solar farms under construction.

Engage Engineers for Your Next Project

The role played by engineers in helping to make our world a better place cannot be understated. Without engineers, it would be challenging to harness the power of the sun. If your business needs tailored solar solutions, engage the services of a Solar Design and Drafting firm for the best outcome.

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