Buying Furniture on a Budget

A house or apartment only truly becomes a home once it's filled with personal mementos and touches. Whether new furniture is destined for a new home or meant to refresh familiar surroundings, purchasing high-quality pieces can be costly.

Fortunately, by following a few smart buying strategies, it’s possible to obtain great looking, sturdy furniture without breaking the bank. Here are few ways you can find furniture on a budget.

 Buying Furniture on a Budget

Go Neutral with Major Pieces

Color brings life to any space, but even adding a few different hues to the walls goes a long way. Integrating simple designs and neutral colors to major pieces makes rooms look more coordinated, while accessories like throw pillows and rugs can add essential pops of color. As a bonus, simple, neutral pieces are often less expensive than more elaborate ones.

Mix and Match New Pieces with Existing Furniture

Furnishing an entire house or apartment at once is exciting and fun. However, many people can’t afford that kind of shopping spree. However, know that mixing and matching new pieces with existing furnishings can produce an eclectic, high-end look. The secret is to follow a coordinated color scheme with fabrics, while keeping wood tones and grains in the same general family. If that’s not possible, adding an area rug can minimize the contrast. And if all else fails, painting wood can help disguise differences in wood grain and design, especially wood that's painted white.

Time Purchases for Maximum Savings

The period immediately preceding a holiday — and not just before Thanksgiving or Christmas — is often an excellent opportunity to score major furniture savings. Furniture stores also frequently run sales prior to Memorial Day, President’s Day, the Fourth of July and Labor Day.

In addition to holiday sales, the furniture industry traditionally introduces new lines of furniture in the spring and fall, as stores often have inventory from the previous season that needs to go. Shopping for indoor furniture in the winter, and outdoor furniture either in the winter or in the summer, allows shoppers to take advantage of pre-season sales.

 Buying Furniture on a Budget

Know These Smart Online Furniture Purchase Tips

These days, it’s possible to purchase everything from food to cars online — and furniture is no exception. Indeed, it’s a convenient way of making a house feel like a home, without the need to haul heavy furniture pieces home.

When shopping online, measurements should be carefully checked to ensure a particular piece of furniture will fit in a living room or bedroom. Reviews should also be taken into consideration. Now, reading one bad review shouldn't be problematic, but encountering numerous negative opinions often indicates problems with workmanship or durability.

Many furniture dealers like Jerome’s sell furniture both online and at brick-and-mortar storefronts, making it possible to comparison shop different options and see different items up close and personal before making a purchase. From there, the purchase could be made online or in-store, along with setting up delivery arrangements.

Save on Furniture Delivery

Furniture delivery options vary. Many online stores offer store pickup at no charge, offering an economical option for smaller pieces or to buyers who have access to large vans or trucks. Front-door delivery means purchases are left in the front yard of a house or in the foyer, while inside service eliminates the need to carry heavy furniture pieces or boxes up flights of stairs.

It’s a good choice for buyers who are confident in their ability to set up or assemble furniture, or who know someone who can do it for them. With white glove delivery, pieces are delivered, unpacked and set up to the new owner's instructions. White glove service is often pricey, but for many people, the convenience is worth the expense.

Home, Sweet Home

New furniture can make any new house or apartment feel like a home, as well as bring a fresh, new look to an existing space. Ultimately, it's all about timing purchases to coincide with sales; coordinating colors and styles between new purchases and existing pieces; and employing smart online strategies for shoppers to furnish their homes, condos and apartments with great looking pieces at prices they can afford.

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