A Few Causes Behind Your Long Term Disability Claims Denial

Disability insurance claim is the only support system for the one who has a severe medical issue. But, the denial of insurance claims can be devastating. Don't lose hope if you have received a denial for your insurance claim. 

You will be able to make corrections and resubmit your claim, or you will have a good case for an appeal, once you know why your disability claim has been refused.

Here we elaborated a few common reasons for denying claims for disability insurance and suggestions on what you can do next:

Insufficient Medical Documentation

The insurance firm may indicate that your provided medical documents don't support the claim that you are applying for. It's a tactic that targets everyone. Often they don't clarify that the documents are not enough. You should generally qualify for your LTD policy, so long as the doctors or therapists accept your disability. So, please ensure that you have collected all necessary papers including your insurance company's claim form, medical records, and medical notes.

You Are Not "Totally Disabled"

It's a familiar misleading term established by insurance firms. The phrase "totally disabled" doesn't imply that you have to be in a coma, deadened, or suffering from a brain injury to qualify for long term disability. In fact, it implies that substantial aspects of your occupation cannot be done by you which you have gotten by training, education or experience.

Social Media Posts

In order to justify the denial of claims, the insurers collect evidence on social media and networking sites like Facebook. If you have recently posted a picture where you look active and happy enough, they may prove that you are not disabled or in pain. This is strong proof in an insurer's hands and may be used to deny your claim, particularly if the proof shown is contrary to the evidence that you have provided.

You Have Missed A Limitation Period

You are required to begin your legal action to receive disability insurance during the limitation period. You will completely lose the application for disability benefits if your action is not completed within the limitation period. This is the most basic reason for denials from insurance companies.

Insurance Medical Consultant Doesn't Think You Are Disabled

In most cases, insurance company companies' hired medical consultants disagree with your medical conditions. They act as "hired guns" to shoot the victim, and even these hired doctors have enough experience to comment on your case. They generally review the case but don't assess the claimant.

Lying About Your Claim

If you're lying for getting a long term disability claim, you will be punished as it is an offense. Moreover, if you are caught red-handed while falsifying or fabricating information on a disability claim, you may never receive a claim.

What to Do Next?

If you received a denial, you may get in touch with an experienced attorney who will help you in correcting your claim file and helps you to meet all the conditions that qualify for long term disability.

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