8 Kobe Bryant Fun Facts: His Harry Potter Fondness and More!

I'm not an avid basketball fan, but like everyone, I'm familiar with the basketball stars. Of course, Kobe Bryant is one of them. I have read so many good things that he has done for other people, and it is very admirable. Because of this, many people love him.

But today, January 27, 2020, Kobe faced a sudden demise while riding a helicopter with her 13-year-old daughter, Gianna. The crash occurred near Calabasas, California, killing the father and daughter pair along with seven other passengers. Details about his death are all over the internet and everyone is broken-hearted--avid fan or not.

While reading different articles and social media posts about the basketball star, I decided to write this article featuring some fun facts about Kobe Bryant. Yes, we have read stories about his scores, achievements, and the great things he has done. But let us look into some weird yet interesting information about Kobe.

1. Well, this isn't something we hear every day. Did you know that Kobe's favorite dish is frog legs dipped in honey garlic sauce? That's kind of weird, though.

2. His name "Kobe" is from a special beef in Kobe, Japan. There are stories that he filed a lawsuit against that Japanese town so he can have the full rights to his name and that they won the case. However, upon further research, the town is still named Kobe up to this date.

3. It appears that the "Black Mamba" is linguistic. Apart from English, he also knows how to speak Italian and Spanish. Apparently, he knows Italian since he grew up in Italy.

4. Potter-heads will be glad to know that their favorite basketball champion is also a Harry Potter fan. He even has a dog named after the three Unforgivable Curses, Crucio. He also named his white Akita dog after Dumbledore. Kobe refers to J.K. Rowling as his most favorite British person. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, he claimed that his most prized possession is a signed copy of Harry Potter first edition books.

5. Although it wasn't made official, Kobe's middle name is Bean, which is derived from his father Joe Bryant's nickname, Jellybean. Hmmm. His parents love food, I guess!

6. Unlike Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, who had a hard time asking girls to be their date for the Yule Ball, Kobe had a very memorable high school prom. Nope, he didn't date anyone from school. He went to prom with hip hop star Brandy Norwood.

7. We all know that he treats James Lebron as his brother and he gets along well with so many people in the industry. But he is also a close friend of Michael Jackson. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live back in 2015, he revealed that MJ called him when he was just 18 to give him some sound advice. Yes, the music icon has a huge influence on Kobe and his work ethics.

8. Basketball is indeed his game, but before he started playing it, he was into soccer first. His favorite team was A.C. Milan. He played in leagues when he was younger. Although he was an amazing soccer player, he chooses to play basketball in the end.

These fun facts about Kobe Bryant might either surprise you or make you miss him more. But one thing's for sure. We are no doubt thankful that we got a glimpse of his short 41-year life because no matter how short it is, it has inspired so many people around the world.

Kobe Bryant will definitely be missed.

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