Getting Rid of Dangerous Bugs at Home

It’s never pleasant finding bugs in your home, it doesn’t matter whether you’re dealing with flies, mosquitoes, meal moths, or even beetles. They don’t belong in your home and you’re first reaction will probably be to squash them or capture them and throw them outside.

Most bugs are small and appear fairly harmless, but don’t be fooled! If you think you have an infestation you need to get hold of your local pest control firm quickly and have the issue dealt with.

If you need any convincing just think about the number of diseases that relatively innocent bugs like flies and mosquitoes carry.

You need to know the two best methods of eliminating bugs from your home, whether dangerous or not.

1. Call The Experts

There are so many different types of bugs and other pests that it’s very difficult for the average householder to be able to identify them all, or known whether they are dangerous.

That’s why there are professional exterminators. They know what bugs are likely to be in your home, which bugs operate in your state, and they’ll have details of any recent outbreaks.

More importantly, they won’t just know how to find the source of the issue, they’ll know the most effective way of eliminating them. You won’t need to do anything as they’ll take care of the dangerous bugs and leave you with a guarantee to ensure they are all gone!

It’s the most effective way of eliminating the issue, whether the bugs are dangerous or not.

2. Shut It Down

The other side of the equation is prevention of access. Your home is for you, not bugs and pests. You need to take steps to ensure that bugs can’t gain access easily and don’t want to!

This means:

• Storing Correctly

The first step is to ensure that all food sources are properly sealed in containers. Even unopened bags can be attractive to some bugs, putting them inside a plastic or metal container means the bugs don’t have a food source, making your home less desirable.

The same applies to waste, it should be put in a bin with a lid, to keep the bugs away.

• Checking For Entry Points

Next, you’ll need to look at potential entry points for bugs. This means any small cracks in the wall, bugs can squeeze through these and get into your home.

If you find any you need to seal them up quickly, protecting the walls of your home as well as you from bug.

Don’t forget gaps around windows and doors are a great entry point for bugs, they need to be blocked and draft excluders used.

It’s also a good idea to fit mesh to your windows, allowing you to have the window open and the air coming in, without the bugs.

• Cleaning Up

Any food waste or water sat around will be attractive to bugs. You need to clean up as soon as you’ve finished prepping food and put everything away. The same is true for water sources, both will be attractive to bugs, eliminating the makes your home undesirable and the bugs will go to a better target.

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