Reasons for Embracing Boho Fashion

The fashion industry is continuously changing as trends come and go. More often than not, trends that were popular during previous generations are seeing a comeback today. However, a fashion trend that has been in existence even before the 18th century is the Boho fashion. Free-flowing dresses in natural or extravagant colours with boho style jewellery are a staple for a person in love with the Boho fashion.

Boho is short for Bohemian, which was a term describing the Gypsy population of France around 1000 years ago. It is said that these gypsies were free-spirited people with little money and therefore, the Boho fashion started as a necessity because gypsies just put on different clothes that they can find.

As the style evolved, Boho fashion became more of an ideology, associating somebody wearing Boho style with anti-materialism and social conventions. Today, Boho fashion has been widely embraced by a lot of celebrities which cause the trend to become popular.

Advantages of Wearing Bohemian Fashion

Neutral Tones Look Good on Everybody. Not everybody loves a neutral colour palette. However, neutral tones look good on everyone even if they have different skin tones. The muted colours of Boho fashion can easily match any skin tone and give you a folksy look.

Accessorize with Vibrant Colours. Since the main clothing of Boho fashion is muted neutral colours, you can have fun with it by adding colourful accessories. You can add some boho style jewellery in the mix to liven up your look. This fashion style screams individuality and uniqueness, and also, there is no blueprint to what type of accessories you can use.

Play with Layering. If you are an avid fan of layers, you will enjoy being able to layer up with boho clothes. Boho clothing is mostly made up of thin and light fabric, and therefore you can get away with layering even during hot summer months.

Wear Vintage Boho Clothing. One good thing about having a Boho fashion sense is that you can pull off wearing vintage clothing to get that unique Boho look. What is excellent with Boho fashion is that you can even add some of your grandmother’s vintage jewellery to accentuate your look. Vintage boho style Jewellery is not expensive. You can get several pieces at a reasonable price.

Save Up on Money. Boho fashion is more of a culture than a trend. As the gypsies of old were free-spirited, a true bohemian is unlikely to purchase brand new clothing to make it appear Boho style. One good reason for embracing Boho fashion is that you can go to second-hand clothing stores to look for vintage looking pieces that you can use. You can go around different thrift shops or flea markets to look for clothing to add to your Boho collection. You might even get lucky enough to find original pieces from the 1960s and 1970s.

Sew Your Own. You can also save up money with the Boho style if you know how to sew. You can make your clothing using whatever fabric and patterns that suit your taste.

Always remember that when you are going to embrace the Boho style, you should do what feels right for you. It is not enough to just wear the latest fashion trend. It would help if you also exuded the personality of a true Bohemian.

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