A Guide to Staying Stylish as a New Mom

Becoming a mom is a time to treasure. However, many moms believe that you cannot be a new mom and stay stylish between all of your new responsibilities. There are many fashion tips to help you to be the most fashionable mom around though, and here is a shortlist of some of the best ideas that can allow you to stay trendy at all times.

Choose Well-Fitting Jeans

Denim jeans are a staple for all moms as their casual look and flexibility can allow you to carry out all of your daily chores and errands without any issues. However, the cut of your jeans is vital to ensure that these remain fashionable, and it is especially important as a new mom to make sure that you invest in jeans that fit correctly.

After your baby is born, your body will inevitably change, and it is important to pick jeans that suit your new body shape, whether that is high rise, boot-cut or skinny jeans. You may also want to choose darker shades of denim to hide the inevitable stains that your clothing will collect when you are caring for your child.

Consider Bright, Patterned Clothing

Not only can patterned clothing help to hide unattractive substances, but certain patterns, such as horizontal and diagonal stripes, can be extremely flattering for your figure. You should be aware that different patterns flatter different body shapes, though. Bright and patterned clothing can also help you to feel good about yourself and your outfit. They can inject positivity and a creative spark into your life, however stressed you get as a new mom. To find colorful tunics and dresses, Froxx.co.uk offers a vibrant range of plus-size women’s clothing that can spice up your current wardrobe.

Invest in Large Leather Handbags

Being a fashionable mom relies on your accessories. Investing in a large, leather handbag will help you to add some classic glamor to your outfit. At the same time, it will also allow you to have ample room for all the necessities that you need to travel with when you have a young child. What’s more, leather bags are usually incredibly easy to clean.

Wear Loose Dresses

Loose swing dresses can help you to remain comfortable and casual no matter what the event, especially if you need to return to work or have planned a night out. Loose dresses can be paired with casual leggings and boots for an easy outfit in which you can care for your child without the restrictions of the tighter dresses that you may have favored pre-parenthood.

Pick the Right Shoes

However, even if you have to choose casual and comfortable clothing for the time being, the right pair of shoes can help to make your outfit instantly stylish and ensure that you can transform your staple outfit for any occasion. From trainers and pumps during the day, which can enable you to relax throughout the fatigue of those early days, to slight heels and wedges when you are meeting friends, your shoes can make any outfit look instantly more fashionable.

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