Content Writing with Basic SEO Course


Did you get it?

Nope? Well, I didn't get it too.

Just imagine how the world would look like if there are no words, sentences, and paragraphs. Well, if that happens, there's probably a different way of communication.

But we cannot deny the obvious fact that words are very important. A simple STOP and GO can secure traffic and save lives. A simple ON and OFF will guide you on which action to take. A simple YES and NO can change lives. Whether it's a single word or a group of 10,000 words- all these won't exist without a writer.

Yes, everything you see that is comprised of words is a brainchild of a writer.

Look around you.

The words of a huge billboard advertising a brand is written by a copywriter.

The box of your favorite cereal has text on it written by product writer. Even the quotation on your wall art is written by creative writer.

Well, even the movie you are watching is an output written by a screenwriter.

When you scroll on Facebook, what do you see? POSTS. All of these are composed of words containing messages whether its funny, informative or entertaining.

Yes, words are everywhere!

Writers are needed everywhere! In this era where information can be accessed through the internet instantaneously, we need writers to create blogs, webcopy, product reviews, social media copy and many others.

Do you know what it means?

It means that writing is a profession that will never go away. We will remain in demand unless robots will learn to think on their own and spill out ideas without the help of the human brain.

Fortunately, this isn't possible.

So if you want to be "in demand" regardless of your age and location, BE A WRITER. As long as you have the right mindset, you can be successful as a writer.

But how can you get started? Let me help you.

Join the Content Writing with Basic SEO Course where you can prepare yourself in the freelance writing world.


  • Exclusive access to training videos where you can learn the techniques on how to come up with a kick-ass article
  • Learn how to write different types of articles
  • Get a list of web tools to make writing and editing easy
  • Learn how to get an online writing job
  • Get a huge list of writing gigs
  • Get a better understanding of SEO (keyword research,on-page SEO, optimizing posts on WordPress, and more!)
  • Learn how to apply SEO principles on your writing
  • Know the techniques on how to write different types of content  
  • Free copies of helpful eBooks  
  • Lifetime access to training materials
  • Lifetime support from the trainer
  • Access to Facebook group
  • Group chat access
  • Recommendation from the trainer
  • Online certificate
  • Free apprenticeship (optional) and another online certificate


Registration is P3,000. Enrollment for November and December batch is now open!

Class Schedule:

November Class starts November 18
December Class starts December 2

Once you graduate, you will see the value of words.

And yes, you might even be able to see beyond Asdfghjkl@#$U using your ideas, creativity, and imagination. We are waiting for you!



Of course, your training won't be complete if you will do any writing exercises. There will be a total of six exercises which includes two articles for posting in my blogs and other bloggers as well. This will help you gain exposure and published links for your portfolio.

Your final output is a writer's portfolio that you can use in your freelance writing career.


Not sure if the course is for you and if it can really help you achieve your dreams as a writer?
Let's hear from the trainees:

Did you finally make up your mind?
What are you waiting for? Register now!


Remember our goal: WRITE. INSPIRE. EARN.
Let's change the world, one word at a time.

Let's do it together.

Click the link below for the course outline:


Kareen Liez E. Datoy is a civil engineer by profession but she prefers to be a work-at-home mom to take care of her two children. She has her own Engineering and Design business where she designs homes and provides Civil Engineering services to her clients. 

Apart from that, she is also a blogger at Pink Heart String which is a blog about parenting, DIY, Home Design and lifestyle. She started working online as a writer and editor in 2010 when she got pregnant with her first child.

She ventured into different online writing jobs in various niches from ghostwriting in a Travel website to online news writing. Currently, she is working as a writer and editor for a home design website. She is also writing on a news website as well as other freelance writing jobs. Apart from that, she is also doing Engineering related jobs while managing her blog and her online business. But her favorite job of all is being a full-time mom. 

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